Amidst the cacophony of countless conversations and fleeting interactions, there whispers a question. Not just any question, but one imbued with the magic to unlock a treasure trove of insights, spark connections that resonate like soulmates, and ignite dialogues that dance and crackle with life.

“What’s your favorite question to ask people?” may seem like a simple inquiry, but its potential to reveal the depths of human curiosity and connection is nothing short of remarkable.

An internet user asked, “What’s your favorite question to ask people?”. Below are the best responses.

If You Were A Food, What Would You Be?!

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“I was standing outside a club once in some city talking to like 2 other people, and some drunk guy stumbles out and yells at us ‘If you were a food, what would you be?!’.

Then he smiled and stumbled off into the night. We proceeded to discuss this food question for like 30 minutes. That’s been my go-to ever since.” 

The Cure For Hiccups?

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“When I was a bartender I used to ask people what their cure for the hiccups was. I worked in an international tourist hot spot and some of the answers were wild.” 

What Is Your Favorite Version Of The Potato?

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“Along the same lines of this, I like to ask ‘What is your favorite version of the potato?’ Everyone always has a different answer and is pretty opinionated about it.”

What’s The Most Secret Thing You Know?

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“I work in the military and to tease people I’ll go up to my friends who have Top Secret Security Clearance and ask them ‘What’s the most secret thing you know?’ And I like to watch them get uncomfortable or panic lol.” 

The Clone Query 

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“If you had a clone of yourself what would you do?” said one user. 

“That’s a good one, what’s your answer? I think I’d start with saying ‘I’m standing right behind you while we’re on the phone and they know where I am supposed to be, haha.”, another user added. 

What Brought You Joy Recently?

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“I’ve started asking people ‘What’s something that’s brought you joy recently?’ Gives people a chance to talk about stuff that they’ve been really into and sets the conversation onto a positive path.”

The Invincible Deal

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“If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?” 

Who Was The Most Interesting Character You Met?

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“My favorite question to ask people after they’ve been traveling is ‘Who was the most interesting character you met?’

Always get a good story out of it.” 

What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Food?

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“I went to a music outing with this girl I recently started seeing and her friend was ditched so we said that he could join us. When trying to get to know each other better, he asked me ‘what my favorite breakfast food was.’

We had a solid fifteen-minute conversation about french toast and different toppings and how an egg should be prepared depending on how you had spent your previous evening. Great ice breaker.”

Are You Happy?

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“The question ‘Are you happy?’ I started it while working a merchant counter position and the answers you get range from sarcasm to shock at being asked such a basic question that was different from a “how are you?”. 

I still do it these days albeit a lot less now that I’m in a management position. 

I love to gauge how folk take and respond to it.”

The Pet Talk

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“I like learning about people’s pets, their enthusiasm toward them, and the amount of description tells me a lot about them. Talking about your pets just really makes you happy most of the time, a great way to cheer someone up.” 

How Are You Doing?

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“Asking customer service people on the phone how are you doing, but ACTUALLY waiting for their response. They tend to get thrown off cause most people ask and then just keep talking.” 

Which Decade’s Music Would You Pick?

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“If you could only listen to music from one decade for the rest of your life, which decade would you pick? Nearly everyone picks the 70’s.”

Top Three Albums/Artists/Genres Of Music 

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“What are their top three albums/artists/genres of music? To me, I can vaguely figure out what someone’s personality is like.

Obviously not gonna assume, but it also leads to more conversations about music and the memories we each have behind the music we like. Also, I really like finding people who have the same taste in music as me.”

What Is The Greatest Television Love Story?

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“One I have recently started asking people is: ‘In your opinion, what is the greatest television love story?’ It opens the conversation to what kind of love (familial, romantic, friendship etc..) they romanticize, and it gives me a new show to watch if I haven’t seen it before.”

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