Children often develop perceptions of what constitutes wealth based on the possessions they observe in their surroundings. When they lack certain items that their peers or acquaintances have, they may mistakenly conclude that these items are exclusive to affluent individuals.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is something that you thought was a ‘rich people’ thing when you were a kid?”. Here are the top responses.


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“It’s considered a giftable fancy chocolate and as a kid, I always thought it was too expensive.”, said one user.


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“This reminds me of batteries. We’d always want batteries for different things (Game Boy was the most common, but we also liked playing around with wish flashlights in the dark too) and my mother would always complain about how much they cost.

I thought a four-pack of AA batteries must have been like twenty dollars or something.”, said one user.


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“Do they still make vienetta ice creams? Bought it my freshman year of college because I had the ‘freedom’. It was overrated.”, said one user.


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“An allowance! I had no idea how other kids had their own money.”, said one user.

“When I was a kid I got $5/week which I thought was pretty good, until I heard about kids who were given $100/week. What do you even do with that much money when you’re 11 years old?”, said one user.


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“Having more than 1 pair of shoes.”, said one user.

“Having store-bought clothes. Mom made all my clothes.”, said another user.


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“One of my mom’s friends had an ice maker in their fridge that had crushed and cubed sections.”, said one user.


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“Living in a single house their whole childhood instead of constantly moving into new apartments.”, said one user.


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“Not having to share a room with a sibling.”, said one user.

“I had to sleep in the hall as the bedrooms were full.”, said another user.


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“Any family vacation that didn’t involve sleeping in a tent.”, said one user.


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“I thought only rich people could afford having orange juice for breakfast.”, said one user.


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“More specifically car phones. In the early days, batteries weren’t strong enough to power a phone on their own so it needed to be permanently connected to 12v power.

Eventually, the car phones turned to mobile phones which were corded and connected to a pack you carried with the electronics and battery power.

Then came what we consider cell phones now that were entirely mobile. Though, by this time, it wasn’t really a ‘rich person’ thing and they were pretty common with most people.”, said one user.

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