The abundance of unwarranted fees in modern society is utterly absurd. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What’s something you really resent paying for?”. Here are the top responses.


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“I have to pay a $3.50 convenience fee every time I add funds to my kid’s school lunch account online. There is no other way to add funds to said account. $3.50 is equivalent to a day’s lunch.”, said one user.

“In most cases, the convenience fee is more ‘convenient’ to the business owners than the customers.”, said another user.


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“Subscriptions of Microsoft Office! Software as a service (SaaS) is something I hate.”, said one user.

“I make a new email address every month and do the 1 month trial for Microsoft office.”, said another user.


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“I think it’s an absolute scam to pay for parking passes for schools, universities. They’re raking in endless money for parking passes.

Also, it’s honestly immoral to pay to park at a hospital. It’s taking advantage of sick people and their loved ones that come to visit.”, said one user.


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“My health insurance, which costs $1,100 a month, just for me (no other family members) ‘covers’ physical therapy. I pay a $45 copay for each physical therapy appointment. The insurer pays $11!”, said one user.

“As a chronically ill person, I will forever be paying a premium for the privilege of just being alive.”, said one user.


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“Dental care being considered separate from other types of Healthcare (and like 5x as expensive for some reason) has always gotten on my nerves. Why do only certain body parts have their own classification?”, said one user.

“Dental care is very important to you, and should be covered under normal health insurance.”, said another user.


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“Taxes are ridiculous. We pay property taxes on property we paid taxes on when we bought it with the income that was taxed when we earned it.”, said one user.


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“I don’t like paying for water. Water used to be free too. Makes you wonder if in the future breathable air will be a commodity as well.”, said one user.


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“I’m all for paper over plastic, but you can afford to give me paper bags for free since you’ve tripled your prices.”, said one user.


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“If I sell a ticket for a dollar more than face value, I can go to jail for scalping. They raise the process many times over and get away with it.”, said one user.


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“I can afford it if I need to use it, but many people feel the pinch. I consider public transportation a public good that should never cost people an arm and a leg. It should be reliable.”, said one user.

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