Determining the best state to call home in the vast and diverse tapestry of the United States is a tantalizing puzzle, intricately woven with a multitude of factors and considerations.

From bustling urban landscapes to serene rural retreats, each state offers a unique blend of opportunities and challenges.

A user asked, “What is the best state to live in the USA”, and here is what people have to say

1. Michigan

1. Michigan
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“It isn’t perfect, but there’s no place I’d rather live than Michigan. Lots to do, but doesn’t feel too big or overwhelming. Great camping and outdoor activities. Four seasons. Just all around a good balance of everything that I like.”

2. Vermont 

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“Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire. (I lived in Maine and moved away from Massachusetts). Plenty of nature, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating. Tons of mountains and rivers and lakes. Beautiful wildlife… Bald Eagles, Moose, Black Bears, and Deer. Good restaurants and bars.

People are generally more sociable and friendlier in those states. It’s close enough to Boston, where some of the best hospitals in the world are, so if you’re ever very sick, you can get down there. You can also take trips down if you’re bored but then return to your quiet home in the woods.”

All that you have to deal with are blizzards… no venomous snakes, no earthquakes or hurricanes, no tornados, and large wildfires. Not a lot of crime. Gun rights. It’s relatively affordable to live there in comparison to a lot of other states.

And if something happens, you can escape up to Canada.

3. California 

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“I love living in Northern California. You have the ocean, mountains, and forests. If you can afford it, it’s wonderful. The food is good, the people are nice, and the wine is amazing.”

“California – weather (usually), diverse eatery, schools”

“I like living in CA, San Diego, to be more precise. Very tolerant for the most part, people do their own thing and mind their business. They are very safe, good schools. Great public university system. Great paying jobs.”

“California is pretty awesome, and it is the fifth largest economy in the world, high cost of living but also higher pay and many opportunities. Great food, great weather, pretty cool people too.”

4. Texas

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“Texas – BBQ, Mexican food, and fewer taxes”

5. Virginia 

blue ridge parkway virginia
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“Virginia – surrounded by historical sites.”

“Virginia – it’s a ‘purple’ state, so it caters to all sorts of political leanings. Intensely urban and rural areas, there are many options for where to live. Ocean and mountains too. The cost of living is close to the US median. Best of all worlds, no matter who you are.”

6. Idaho

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“Idaho – hunting and amiable people overall”

7. Alaska

7. Alaska
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“Alaska – fishing and scenery”

“I live in Alaska. It’s amazing!”

8. North Carolina 

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“NC – “research triangle”, fishing, scenery up north”

“North Carolina. Beautiful, diverse locals. Nice cities. Great weather.”

9. New Mexico

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“New Mexico. Low house prices. Low cost of living. Low taxes. 49% of the state is federal land to walk around. And the state gives 80 hours of New Mexico sick time a year to take whenever without penalty from your employer. You call in sick to your employer.”

“New Mexico is truly the land of enchantment. I’m moving there next week. I’ve already had so many positive and magical experiences, though. The people are amazing, as is the food. The geography is spectacular in many places. Lots of diversity in culture. Why am I moving there? All of the above.”

10. Montana

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“Montana is my favorite. Politically balanced and a small, spread out population surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.”

11. Hawaii

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“I guess Hawaii is the best state.”

12. Oregon

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“Oregon! They have free health care and Portland has a great public transit system. The nature is gorgeous, the weather is almost always perfect, Portland has a lot going on culturally. Minimum wage is relatively high, rent is (by west coast standards) relatively low. They’ve got beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, and beautiful and very swimmable rivers. Oh and legal weed.”

13. North Dakota

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“North Dakota. Lovely people, ice fishing, snowmobiling, moose, wildlife, Aurora borealis, beautiful summers, lutefisk.”

14. Massachusetts

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“We have human rights. We’re in no danger of banning abortion or gay marriage or any of that stupidity. We have actual public transit compared to the rest of the country (except maybe NYC). We have four seasons and fewer mosquitoes than the South, and we’re not in a perpetual fire drought like the West. The worst weather you’ll have to deal with here is snow. Boston is a good city, but you can also drive 20 minutes from it and hike in the middle of nature. It doesn’t sprawl. Lots of knowledgeable people, and one of the fittest states as well. So we’re smart and hot. ;)”

“MA is at or near the top in almost every good category (health, education) and last in bad categories (gun deaths, obesity). Throw in the intangibles like great culture, food, history, and pro sports. It’s expensive for a reason.”

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