Can you pinpoint a phenomenon that, despite its moral challenges, has become deeply rooted and broadly accepted in society to the point where it’s considered the standard?

An internet user recently asked, What have we accepted in society that we really shouldn’t? The responses below will urge you to introspect big time!

Filming Crap Instead Of Preventing It

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“Filming stuff instead of preventing it.” Said one. 

“We won’t prevent anything, much less stop it. Speak with older folks after showing a video of a fight or mass theft from a store, and they’ll say how, back in the day, people would have stood up to that crap.

I think we need more of that. We put up with too much crap. If somebody is stealing a bunch of crap, a mob should stop them with force, and the employees and people should not get in trouble. If a man publicly beats his wife, we should whoop him. If a man steals an old woman’s purse at a cafe, the others nearby should chase him down and give him some street justice.” Another added. 

The Sheer Amount Of Garbage Production 

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“The sheer amount of garbage and waste that’s being produced daily.” Said one. 

“That was the first thing I thought. Single-use EVERYTHING!” 

Dressing Little Girls Like 20-Year-Olds

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“Dressing little girls up to look like 20-year-olds for beauty pageants and TV/movies.” Said one. 

“That’s the crazy, sickening part. Almost everyone agrees this is absolutely not okay and yet it’s still happening.” Another added.

Planned Obsolescence

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“Planned obsolescence. No wonder we are using resources up so quickly. Nothing is made to last.” Said one. 

“Things are literally made to STOP working effectively.” Another added. 

Politicians Getting Rich

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“Politicians getting rich off of illegal dealings.” Said one. 

“Politicians getting rich. There, fixed it.” Another added 

Proud Anti-Intellectualism

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“This one is hard for me to understand. I mean, no one has any trouble watching a great athlete and acknowledging the superior athleticism. Still, some people get downright offended at the thought that someone might be smarter or better educated than them.” 

Accepting That Success Refers Only To Money & Status

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“We have accepted the idea that success is only determined by money and status. We need to value happiness and fulfillment more.” Said one. 

“The problem is that the rich will always find a way to screw the people who just want happiness and fulfillment.” Another added.

Justice Being Applied Differently To People 

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“The way justice is applied differently to people. If I get drunk, drive my car, crash and kill someone, I go to prison. If you’re a singer in a popular rock band, you get a fine and community service.” 

Texting And Driving

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“Texting and driving. There were whole ad campaigns about how dangerous it was, but now I see it just about every time I’m on the road.” 

Mass Shootings Being WAY Too Common 

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“Mass shootings just being a part of everyday life.” Said one. 

“It blows my mind that little kids have drills for active shooter scenarios at school.” Another added. 

Profit Maximizing Over Everything Else

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“This alone is pretty much-destroying society and the environment.” Said one. 

“Yes. And it’s at the core of how companies operate. They are not allowed to go against it.” Another added. 

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