The traditional hubs of community life, churches, and malls are experiencing a decline in attendance and relevance. As a result, there’s a quest for alternative spaces where people can gather and foster connections, reflecting the evolving dynamics of social interaction.

Here are some places that people have started hanging out more:


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Social media and texting have become the new community centers, replacing traditional spaces like churches and malls. These platforms offer instant connection, fostering a sense of belonging and fulfilling social interaction needs. While providing convenience and accessibility, this shift impacts human life in various positive and negative ways.

A user says, “Social media and texting/messaging in general has played a large role; it’s no longer necessary to leave your house to get social interaction and communicate with your friends.”


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In some areas, sports leagues, yoga programs, and community events are taking over the role of churches and malls as hubs for social interaction. 

“We have weekly town sports leagues (just adults playing volleyball, pickle ball, soccer), yoga, and town-wide events all year. Summer are outdoor films and the weekly concert series. Fall has its festivals and bonfires, and winter has the bonfires and sledding.” shared one.


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Sports and other school events often become the new social centers for parents with school-age children. A user says, “I think it depends on your lifestyle in the area. Sports and school events are big if you have school-age kids. If you are 21-35 but no kids, then I’d say bars are a big one. I’m unsure if you are older, but church is probably more likely in older generations.”


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The rise of breweries as community hubs is changing the social landscape. These establishments offer a welcoming atmosphere for people to gather, socialize, and enjoy craft beer.  A user says, “I would say breweries (perhaps some small regular bars too) is the only thing close to that.”


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People visit parks for free to enjoy nature and participate in physical activities. This shift is due to increased urbanization, a focus on health and well-being, and the desire for free and inclusive spaces. A user says, “Around here, it’s the community parks. We have quite a few. Good for all ages at various times with the shade.”


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The casual atmosphere and friendly baristas of coffee shops foster a welcoming environment for people to gather, chat, and catch up with friends and neighbors. A user says, “There’s a small local coffee shop nearby. I’ll always run into at least one person I know there. We sit outside on the benches and wave at friends going by on their bikes or walks.”


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Revitalized downtowns and historic areas are usurping the role of churches and malls as social centers. These areas offer a vibrant mix of freshness, local businesses, and historical charm, catering to a growing desire for authentic experiences, community engagement, and meaningful connection, in contrast to the sterile environment of enclosed malls and chain stores. 

A user says, “Many old downtowns and historic areas have been revitalized, and younger people want real natural and open-air walkable areas for hanging out, shopping, etc., along with a return of smaller non-chain businesses with local specialties instead of enclosed artificial places like malls with chain stores, which today, are seen as dystopian and consumerist.”


7. library
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Public libraries have transformed into thriving social centers, exceeding their traditional role as repositories of books. A user says, “Public libraries offer many adult literacy and computer classes, second language learning, etc., and often have authors visiting and signing books.”


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Gyms are increasingly becoming hubs for social interaction. A user says, “Gyms as well, but even then, a lot of people go to the gym because they don’t wanna talk to people, so that’s mostly a dead end even if it’s objectively the next best option.”

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