Gym selfies and workout videos are shared on social media, with many people keen to document their fitness journey and share it with others.

However, not everyone is a fan of this trend. Some people feel that filming themselves in the gym invades their privacy and hampers access to the gym space.  

Recently someone asked on Reddit, how do you feel about the idea of gyms banning people from video recording themselves? And netizens went crazy. Here are the top few picks for you to enjoy:


Using Camera Inside The Gym

I think them being a douchebag is the issue more than them filming. There’s a guy at my gym who films everything, but I’ve walked into his shot a bunch of times accidentally and he doesn’t care or he apologizes for his tripod being in the way.” shared one. 

I’m all for it. it’s obnoxious and people get upset if you walk between them and their tripod. Buzz off, I just wanna workout.” shared another. 

If you think these are the only two, let me tell you the discussion is on fire with over 900 people. 

The entire purpose of being at a gym tho is so you can workout. Not constantly having to look over your shoulder. It’s a gym, not a modelling studio. I can’t stand when people record themselves” said one. 

If you’re doing video production at the gym, you’re using way more than your fair share of the shared space. That’s a paddling.” shared another. 

Depends on what recording means. Someone taking a short video of himself while working out: don’t see why you would ban it. Dude bringing a whole filmcrew with equipment to the gym with him: Yea, get out of here.” said one. 


Using Camera To Correct Postures

Some people do technical lifts or train for specific activities at the gym. Filming is helpful to work on technique and figure out issues. I’m not talking about people trying to create content or be influencers, that’s a different situation” shared one. 

I have my wife record a lap or two of me in the pool from time to time, I review the footage and look for issues in my form that I can work to try and correct. I wouldn’t have noticed some things without that, it works well.” added another

A user shared “My gym has a lot of people lifting heavy. They’re taking vids to make sure they’re using good form. I’ve never had someone go off at me for walking by and they generally angle it so no one else is visible. Hell, I’ve even offered to film for some folks to get a better angle if I see them struggling to prop their phone up.” 

A powerlifter goes on to add “I do olympic weightlifting and have a remote coach. Filming and reviewing each set is essential. The gym i go to is mainly powerlifters and filming is highly encouraged there since most people are competition focused. There’s a mutual respect for everyone there as we are all training…. not exercising.

A lot of netizens agree that the only reason filming won’t bother them is when it’s done for training purposes. 

Filming for training purposes is probably the only reason it would be acceptable. There should still be a rule about it never ending up on social media if anybody else can be seen in the background though. If it’s a training video for your coach to review that shouldn’t be problem.”  shared one. 


Taking Mirror Selfies

A user shares “mirror selfies are kinda worse cuz it mostly happens in the locker rooms where you shouldn’t be recording people (who inevitably end up in the background) anyway.

I have no sense of modesty left and once walked through a shot without clothes and told them how inappropriate it is to take selfies in a change room where people are supposed to feel safe, you know, changing and showering.” added one

We hope you enjoyed the best picks from the Reddit discussion.

What do you think? How do you feel about the idea of gyms banning people from video recording themselves? Are you comfortable with people recording in the gyms? Comment and let us know. 


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