In a nation as vast and diverse as the United States, regional rivalries have long been a part of its cultural tapestry.

From sports rivalries to political differences, Americans often have strong opinions about which state they consider their “rival” and for various reasons. A user asked the forum, “What’s your rival state and why?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“Wish I could say we were the good guys in the very literal war that started the rivalry, but… nope.”


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“We are siblings that fight over football but will fiercely defend each other when someone attacks us. Washington is the big brother.”


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“I live in Minnesota, and our “enemy” is probably Wisconsin. After that, it’s Iowa. We poke fun at them all the time.”


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“California has a mild Nor Cal vs. So Ca rivalry.”


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“Virginia’s is Maryland if only for the endless debate over which has worse drivers.”


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“I guess New York because of sports rivalries, NYC’s condescending attitude towards Philly, and the endless amounts of people from SE PA to NE PA who talk bad about New Yorkers moving to their towns.

I think it’s more directed towards the city than the state. Also, probably only relevant to the Eastern side of the state.”


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“Historically South Carolina for obvious reasons, but I think if you were to ask a North Carolinian right now, they’d probably jokingly say NJ or NY since they’re all coming here.”


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“We may be diet Texas, politics and all, but Texas.”


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“Their smug aura mocks me.”


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“In Vermont, we have a mostly friendly rivalry with New Hampshire. Some of the more extreme people in each state regard the other as Trumpites and Communists, respectively, but most don’t go that far.”


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“Some people in Vermont hate Massachusetts, but they seem to regard the state more as the enemy than a rival.”


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“Maybe Rhode Island, but they are so bad it is hard to call it a “rivalry”. Yankees Red sox is a big thing, so maybe New York. I don’t know.”


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“It’s more born of football than it is or anything else. As a state, Georgia doesn’t have many sociopolitical rivals. Not fun jabbing like Alabama-Mississippi, outright hatred like Texas-California, or abject frustration from migration like Florida-[entire northeast]/South Carolina-Ohio.”


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“I hate Ohio. Everyone in Michigan does. If they don’t they aren’t real Michiganders.”


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“NC tends to be a more urbanized & northeast-influenced place, while SC is more deep southern. It is very similar culturally outside that main divide, though.”

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