Minor changes to your spending habits can save you much money over time. But be careful of frugal tips that don’t make sense or are too hard to follow.

We found a brilliant thread where users have shared the best tips to help you save a tonne of money. Here are the top picks: 

1. Buy In Bulk

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There is a reason why businesses order in bulk, it helps them cut costs. Similarly, buying household items in bulk will save you money. 

“If you use it often and it’s not perishable, buy it in bulk. Especially if it’s special! I’ve seen guys waste money coming in week after week for a few razor blades (a 3-pack instead of a 12-pack) purely because the small pack is cheaper. No, bro, work it out per blade, and the 12-pack is cheaper. This works with almost 90% of goods.” said one.

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2. Don’t Buy Stuff You Don’t Need

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This is the most simple, but the most difficult to implement. You should not buy things you don’t need. “Teenagers need to know this. They buy an iPhone and beats (the headphones that cost $300) and then get all sad about being poor.” a user said.

“Learn the difference between need and want.” another added.

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3. Quit Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

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There is no point just stopping these things. You need to save the money you spent on them to actually see a difference. 

“According to my smoking app, I quit 198 days ago and have saved $4774.” said one. “I did the math, and my smoking habit costs around $2500-$3000 a year. Cigarettes were $7-$9 a pack a year ago, and I sometimes smoked a pack a day. It’s an expensive habit.” said another.

4. Cook Food Yourself

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“It is nice on special occasions but going regularly and is extremely costly.” a Redditor said.

“Well, OP means fixing ALL your meals yourself, not just dinner. Plus, it’s much healthier to make it at home.” another added.

5. Wait to Buy It Right Now; buy It Next Week

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“You’ll probably forget half the stuff you’d have thrown your money at in the spur of the moment,” said one.

 “I’ve needed a new TV for about a year now, and I’ve kept putting it off.” a user shared. 

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6. Start Budgeting

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“My sister went through college with zero debts because she started budgeting in high school (no, she did not borrow our parent’s money.),” said one.

“You can build a budget in MS Excel; I built mine there. Essentially, the idea of budgeting is to build from the top down: start with the essentials (e.g., rent, food, bills) and work down to the less important stuff (e.g., entertainment).” added another.

7. Make A List

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“Don’t buy new ALL the time. Make a list of things you want to buy, and go check out refurbished (with warranty), check out thrift and consignment shops.” said one.

8. Buy Refurbished Items Over New Ones

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“I buy my used guitars now. You can get one in great condition for half the new price a lot of the time.” a user said.

“I’ve been shopping secondhand technology for a while, and I wholly recommend it, especially for items that are for casual/hobby use.” a Redditor said.

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9. Avoid Paying Interest

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“If you buy unnecessary things while in debt, think of it as paying interest on those purchases.” a user said.

“Do absolutely everything in your power to avoid paying interest/fees, and it’s just throwing money away.” another added. 

10. Ditch Cable TV

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“Ditching cable TV is an amazing way to save money; just have the internet,” said one. “Cut cable. That stuff is WAY too expensive.” a user said

There you go. Follow these 10 habits, and be sure to save enough. You should also read 19 habits that won’t save you any money.

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