The world is constantly changing, and so are the things we consider essential. Things that used to be a big deal may now seem outdated, irrelevant, or silly. A user asked the forum, “What used to be a huge deal, but now is only a shell of its former self?”

 Here are some responses he got!


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“Shock factor of tattoos and piercings.”


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“YouTube superseded MTV and VH1.”


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“Back in the day, if you won a reality show, you were set if you played your cards right. Look at Kelly Clarkson, she’s had a 20+ year career winning American Idol.

But if you win American Idol now, people really don’t even know who you are. Everything moves so quickly now, and there are so many shows like that that you don’t really get fame from it.”


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“Sears and Kmart. They were ubiquitous across America in the 20th century and now only exist as online remnants of the retail giants they once were.”


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“Imagine seeing any of your family or friends LIVE from anywhere. I was born in ‘87, and this would have blown my mind as a kid. Now, no big deal. Just walking around with the ability in the pocket of your jeans.”


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“Landline telephones were once a household essential, but with the widespread use of mobile phones, they have become less relevant for many people.”


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“Fax machines revolutionized communication. Some companies/organizations still use them, but everyone mocks them behind their backs.”


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“HIV used to be a death sentence, but now it can be controlled with just a few pills to the point you can’t transmit it to anyone else.”


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“We had to save all our favorite shows in the days before streaming.”


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“The internet used to be an exciting place to explore, but now it’s just a giant advertising platform.”


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“Now it’s just a show, and nobody in politics pretends to be polite or classy anymore. It’s like Trump gave everybody the right to be horrible without consequences.”


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“It brought the world to its knees, and now it is just a normal part of life.”


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“I still have a monstrous collection of them on my PC that I never listen to.”


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“I still think they have the best home page of any site. I always set up Yahoo as my homepage.”


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“The first smartphone! Now it’s? What is it doing now?”

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