Are you looking for a career that’s more than just a dead end? We have something exciting to offer you. Someone asked on a popular job forum, what jobs pay surprisingly high that no one knows about? and here is a list of them:

1. Medical Waste Disposal

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Medical waste disposal is a crucial and highly regulated industry. It requires specialized expertise and equipment, resulting in high demand and compensation.

“This one is surprisingly true. My dad runs his own medical waste business and only does it once or twice a week and makes about 15k-20k a year from it. His main clients are permanent makeup artists and tattoo shops, which don’t generate a ton of waste.

Still, the few doctors office’s he picks up from always have waste, so he’s always making money. If he were to do it full time and expand, he’d likely be making 50k a year with a low-stress job unless you count all the driving.” a user shared.

2. Medical Technician Jobs

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Medical technicians assist healthcare professionals with diagnostic tests and procedures, including phlebotomy, ECGs, and x-rays, and are in high demand. 

“A lot of medical technician jobs. I am a specialized ultrasound tech making $120k a year, and I only have an associate’s degree.” said one.

“Can confirm. I’m a general ultrasound tech at large hospitals in southern California and make 125k. Also, only an associate’s degree is needed, and I know people with much more experience than me who make $80/hour. Being a travel tech is also an option, makes even more.” another said.

3. Working In A USPS Sorting Facility

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“I work for USPS in a sorting facility, been here for about three years, and I make $25/hr, 40 hours a week to type zip codes and put mail in sacks.

We’re also unionized, can wear whatever we want, and can listen to music while we work. By far the easiest job I’ve ever had. I’m also typing this from work because the job demands that little.” a user said.

4. Plumbing

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“My ex-MIL put a stuffed pepper down the garbage disposal several years ago. Plumber came out. They fixed it in an hour. Fee: $600.

Three days later, she puts another stuffed pepper down the garbage disposal. He calls the same plumber and tries to claim he “didn’t fix it properly the first time.” It’s also a holiday weekend, so a plumber visit comes at a premium charge: $800. Also only took about an hour to fix. Plumber made $1,400 off one person in 72 hours and for only ~2 hours.

For those wondering, yes, my ex-MIL was a total Karen-type.” a user shared.

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5. Garbage Collector

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“Hey man, I’m a garbage truck driver. I made 81k last year. No degree; I just need the CDL. Maybe up your alley; I’m just hoping it helps.” said one.

“And it’s effortless to start your own company. My buddy worked as a sanitation worker for two years in 2015; he was paid 20 an hour. He saved money, bought a cheap box truck, quit, and started his garbage company. He now makes around 90k a year.

We live in a pretty cheap area, so 90k is a lot of money.” another added.

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6. Mobile Detailer

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“I’m a mobile detailer, not the business owner though, and on average, I make between $20-30 an hour. People don’t want to clean their cars nor drop them off at a shop for days at a time, and I enjoy cleaning cars, so it’s a win for everybody.” said one.

7. Licensed Massage Therapist

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“$50,000-$80,000 a year, high-end spas usually have great benefits too. Depending on experience and talent. Not everyone has the ability, and not everyone can handle touching naked strangers daily, especially feet.

I think it’s the best job ever because I’m good at it, and everyone always leaves me happy. Seven months of full-time school, passing the test, bi-yearly continuing education, and licensing fees. After 18 years, my hands are hurting, but I still absolutely love what I do.” a user shared.

8. Alarm Technicians

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“I get paid a lot to fix your alarm systems and cameras. I have to travel out of town and out of state because of how few there are.” said one.

“Being an alarm technician seems like a rewarding and well-paying job, but it requires specialized skills and knowledge to succeed in the field.” another said.

9. Analytics Manager

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“Get your Google Analytics certificate, i.e., GAIQ exam, for free, start your web analytics career at a start-up or small agency, and within a few years make six figures.

I did this with no college degree and made $150k last year as an analytics manager with lots of room to grow.” shared one.

10. Animators

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“Although it requires a ton of skill, animators do pay handsomely for someone making cartoons for kids. I have a friend who makes custom anime; clients ask him to make all sorts of weird anime things.

He doesn’t care about how his work sounds because last year he made 120k doing that working from his bedroom.” said one.

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11. Travel nurses

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“Can get your associate’s degree as a nurse at a community college in 2 years. Before the pandemic, the standard rate for travel nurses was $40-50 an hour, but when the pandemic hit, $100+ an hour was the least I’ve seen offered.

Granted, the work will be hard, but you can work as much or as little as you want and earn a livable income for a year very quickly.” said one.

12. Marketing

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“Typical job outlook starting with no experience: Year 1 – $50K Year 4 – $100K Year 10 – $200K+ Wouldn’t say no one knows about it, but I don’t think people realize how well it pays, plus great perks.” said one.

 “Marketing in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (AEC) industry pays pretty well. In 3 years, I went from $53k to $70k. And I could’ve asked for more. I get weekly recruiter emails for jobs that pay $75-80k. It’s wild. I don’t have a college degree either.” another said.

13. Aviation Mechanic

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“Everyone thinks they need a degree. Nope, and that’s engineering, and they need an A&P license. Minimum 22.50/hr. I’ve been in the industry for six months, and I’m at 32 Companies like delta top off employees at 58/hr after a few years.

Go overseas and make more money that is tax-free.

My friend knows a guy who topped out and makes 24k a month. And you know what he does? “He doesn’t do anything” -My friend,” said one.

14. Professional Land Surveying

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 “I should be more specific and say, professional land surveyors. Due to the aging population of surveyors and no one knowing exactly what they do, the pay, once licensed, is in the $90s to 100k per year. You can pretty much choose what part of the country you want to work in as there are openings everywhere.” said one.

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