Not all jobs are created equal. Some are more controversial than others because they are seen as lacking purpose or ethical considerations. Someone asked on a popular forum, what job contributes nothing to society? and these were the top answers

1. Extended Warranty Call Center

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“I got a job at one of these places, trying to figure out what it was. My job was to pass around existing customers without help and pass the potential new customer to the salespeople.

On my 2nd day, a frustrated customer called for help. I felt terrible and told her I couldn’t help her. She commented on feeling scammed; I told her she was correct and left at lunch without saying anything.” shared one. 

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2. Telemarketing Jobs

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“I worked as a telemarketer for a while, and I agree. I felt like a jerk every time I dialed a number.” said one.

“I’ve been working telemarketing for the last five months, and it just makes me so depressed knowing that absolutely everyone hates you. I’m sorry, I don’t want to keep reading the script, I don’t want to make discovery questions, I just want to pay college, man.” another said.

3. Clickbait Content Creators

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“Those people who make long-winded Facebook videos which promise a lot but where nothing happens, contributed nothing to the society.” said one.

“They have to keep you engaged with the views. I hate those videos and don’t watch them. I will fry a watermelon in hot oil; wait until you see what happens. It’s like a QVC presentation; they draw it out when we know what will happen.” another said.

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4. Patent Trolling

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“100% legal. 0 contribution to society, just a person who has their hands out asking for money along the way.” said one.

“Oh, they contribute in a massively negative way. Like raising the price on insulin 1000%.” another said.

But for those who don’t understand what they do, someone says this is a person/company that searches all day for patents that are not used and scoop them up to sell back to the “creators. Another variation is a person/company hired/gets paid to search for songs/movies/videos that MIGHT use possibly copyrighted items without permission, aka payment.

5. Promoters of Multi-level Marketing

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“I felt so foolish to have been convinced it wasn’t “pyramid selling.” Yes. Yes it is. It Didn’t cost me a lot, thankfully, but the fact I tried to get others involved was shameful.” a user shared.

Another said, “If I want to buy the product, I don’t need a seminar. That’s why I am okay with Tupperware or Melaleuca, or Avon. I can buy the stuff without having to sell the property. And I don’t need a #BossBabe telling me how a Triple Platinum Director can be within my grasp if I pay $249.95 and additional shipping. But WAIT, there’s more!”

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6. Paparazzi

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“The paparazzi, I have never thought: “good grace this paparazzi took a pic of a celebrity doing their private stuff, truly gives an insight of their interesting personal lives.” They could all lose their job for all I care.” said one.

“A lot of what they do should be illegal. If they didn’t do it for the company, they would be considered weirdo stalkers. But yet somehow they get away with it under the guise of media.” another said.

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7. Performing In Commercials For Gambling Companies

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“As a skilled machine assembler, I agree. At best, you’re entertaining an addiction, and at worst, you’re profiting off the elderly and statistically disabled.” said one.

“I lost a lot of respect for Wayne Gretzky when I saw him in one of those.” another added.

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8. Professional Poker Player

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“Truly. I used to play professionally, which was one of the most empty feelings I had ever experienced. And I won money. I’m not saying that as a failed professional.

It was just empty and depressing. I truly felt like my only contribution to society was taking advantage of drunk or bad gamblers, some of whom were gambling with money they could not afford to lose.” a user shared. 

9. YouTube Prank Channels

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“They contribute nothing to society and often actively keep others from doing their jobs. A contribution trap.” a user said.

“There Was A Time When Pranks Were Harmless. Like They’d Made A Casual Jogger Look Like He Won A Marathon By Accident Or People Doing Funny Dances In Places Where Other Artists Would Perform Among the Audience. Now Pranks Are Just Crimes.” another said.

10. Jobs That Involve Promoting Tobacco

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“I’m a smoker, but I agree, and I hope I quit soon.” said one.

“I just watched my grandma pass from conditions directly caused by smoking. If you don’t do it for yourself, please do it for your loved ones.” another said.

While some jobs may not be immediately recognizable as contributing to society, it’s essential to acknowledge the value and purpose of each occupation. What do you think? What jobs do you think contribute nothing to society?

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