With stardom and fame, comes responsibility. If, by any chance, you do not meet certain expectations, or it seems like you don’t care enough to come out clean, you’re doing nothing but deliberately throwing yourself inside the witness box. AT THE HANDS OF THE PUBLIC!

Because that’s how things work, people who’ve once loved you like crazy are also waiting to judge you when you go out of line. Oh, and the chances increase if you’re super-rich and incredibly famous.

Recently, a discussion broke on the internet about who is someone who gets too much hate? Read on to know what people had to say.

Teenage Celebrities 

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“Yes, they’re arrogant and stupid.  And so would every single one of us be if we were rich and famous at 18.” said one. 

“I know good and well that if I had the wealth and fame of Justin Bieber at that age, I’d have ended up far worse. Used to love saying bad thing on him but honestly… those circumstances will change anyone into a different beast” said another. 

Anne Hathaway 

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“Anne Hathaway. The internet has such a hate-on for her and I can’t find any real justification for it” said one. 

“Literally because she was a woman who dared to care about her job.” replied another.

Anna Gunn 

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“The amount of hate I still see for Skyler White, and somehow Anna Gunn herself is… insane, to say the least.” said one. 

“Oh yeah. I hate her character and just seeing her face makes me kinda eye roll. But at the same time, my thinking brain gives credit to getting as an actor. She played that role perfectly, haha.” another added.

Sinead O’Connor 

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“Sinead O’Connor. People are starting to recognize it now, but she was so right to do what she did on SNL, and she got SO much hate for it.”

Guy Fieri

USA - Guy Fieri Star Ceremony - Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES - MAY 22: Ryder Fieri, Hunter Fieri, Matthew McConaughey, Guy Fieri, Kathleen Finch, Leron Gubler at the Guy Fieri Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA.
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“Guy Fieri. Yes, he’s ridiculous, but from all accounts is a super great stand-up dude. Tons of charity work, adopted his late sister’s kid, and even officiated a mass LGBTQ wedding a few years ago.” said one.

“Used to hate the guy. Now I love him and his shows. Once you understand his schtick, I think he becomes infinitely more likable, plus, ya know bbqing for hours on end for the first responders for that fire in Cali. He’s just a bro.” Another added.

Jared Leto

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“Jared Leto.  Aside from being a mediocre musician, or a terrible actor, or having the most punchable face in Hollywood, or starting a cult…You know what, maybe he DOES deserve it.” 

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Rebecca Black

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“Remember when half the world was hating on Rebecca Black?  

Yes “Friday” was a bad song, and the video was hella creepy (not her fault,), but you could tell she had a great time making it.”

Ricky Gervais

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“Ricky Gervais. I know a lot of people who can’t stand him, but I don’t get it. Afterlife is a very well-written series, and so is Extras.” said one. 

“Afterlife is decent, but it has a little bit of that vibe that some shows get where I feel like the star and writer is a little too impressed with themself. Idk how to explain it.” another added.

Clay, aka Dream

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“I personally feel like Dream received too much hate when he revealed his face. I mean, to be honest, he shouldn’t have hyped it up so much, but regardless, the amount of hate I saw on Twitter and Reddit regarding his appearance isn’t something that anyone should have to experience. 

Many people can become very insecure about their looks, and if I were in Dream’s shoes, I might have given up on YouTube altogether. However, props to him for not losing his composure.”


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“Nickelback. They’re not great, but there are worse bands from the same era. Why the hell don’t, we hate Train as much”

Meghan Markle

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“I don’t understand the hate. She is beautiful, hard-working, and intelligent. She is able to speak extemporaneously in front of large audiences with aplomb and humor…her speaking skills put all of our major politicians to shame.

As a matter of fact, she would probably have a very successful career in politics should she decide to throw her hat into the ring.”

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Amber Heard

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“I never understood it. I felt both of them did their fair part in messing up the relationship. But he had an army of misogynist fanboys. Don’t tell me judges don’t get influenced by media reports they see about their cases.”

Russell Westbrook

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“Russell Westbrook. I don’t care if you don’t like some of his court decisions. The man always plays with heart and passion. You can always count on him to bring it, unlike SO many players.”

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