In a world where the appearance of wealth and extravagance is often prized, it can be surprising to discover that some of the most seemingly extravagant choices are the most frugal.

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1. Good Pair Of Dress Shoes

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Investing in quality footwear saves money in the long run and showcases a classic and timeless sense of style.”Nice dress shoes. I still have the same pair from 20 years ago, and they look awesome after a shine.” said one.

“My mother spent $110 on a North Face parka in 1972. I’m unsure what the inflation adjustment would be, but I’d guess $400 now. Crazy warm, and the zippers still work.” another said.

2. Professional Deep Cleaning

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Hiring professionals to clean your home deep can be a wise investment, particularly for busy single homeowners. 

“Getting your house occasionally deep cleaned professionally if you own it is an investment. As a single homeowner who works full time- there is always a backlog of cleaning. I tend to prefer to spend my time on garden work, minor repairs, and painting since those things tend to cost more than a once-a-month deep clean.

Things like mildew, water spots, and dust get worse over time if you don’t get to them, and dust and dirt get ground into your floors, counters, and cabinets meaning you have to replace them sooner.” said one.

3. Massages

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Massages can provide relief for chronic pain and stress. Investing an hour in a massage session can prevent lost workdays due to pain, ultimately leading to a better quality of life.

“I have back pain due to a car accident, and it’s either I spend an hour relaxing and getting rubbed on, or I have to take a day or two off from work because of the pain. Tough choice.” a user said.

“I get migraines & back spasms & am just generally stiff/sore all the time, so the massages are a necessity for me and a nice to have for him.” another added.

4. Therapy

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Mental health therapy may be expensive, but its benefits can improve quality of life and provide excellent financial stability in the long run. It’s an investment worth making.

“Mental health therapy. It’s expensive, but improving my quality of life makes me more stable financially.” a user said.

“As my sanity increased significantly, so did my income.” another added. 

5. Buying In Bulk

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“Bulk buying. I’m about to buy a 5L shampoo that should last me a long time.” a user said.

“I love buying non-perishables in bulk. TP, paper towels, dish soap, cat litter, etc. It’s nice not having to run to the store to buy the same thing every week, and most stuff is cheaper when you buy in bulk.” another added.

6. Grocery Delivery

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Grocery delivery services can save time and money by eliminating impulse buying in-store. While delivery fees and tips apply, convenience can make it a worthwhile investment.

“Grocery delivery. Even with the delivery fee and tip, I save money by not going inside the store and impulse buying. I don’t have them delivered every single time, but I enjoy the convenience.” said one.

“This is especially true if you can’t access a car. It would cost me around £3.50 in bus fare and whatever time I spend in the store. If you’re flexible on delivery times, you can get your shopping brought to your door for less.” another added.

7. Turning An Old Car Into A Profitable Investment

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DIY car maintenance can turn an old car into a profitable investment. Cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining the vehicle can look and function like new, leading to potential resale value.

“I bought a 20-year-old bmw, got a good deal on it. I cleaned it up, used my carpet shampooer, sanitized it, and greased and oiled joints, and it works like new. The guys at work offer me 4x what I paid for it just because I made it look as good as I could with the tools I had.” said one.

“I tell my relatives to call me if they’re thinking of trading in their old cars, and I tell them I’ll match whatever the dealer offers on their trade. I’ve bought several $2k vehicles that still run great, and I give them to other relatives when I’m done with them.” another said.

8. The Importance Of Trying On Clothes

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Trying on clothes before making a purchase is essential to ensure proper fit and maximize the value of your investment.

“I never buy anything I don’t try on. If I’m paying the money, I want to ensure it fits and looks good. I will try on an item in two different sizes because I want the best bang for my buck.” said one.

9. Home Cooking

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Home cooking can provide gourmet meals on a budget. 

“Home cooking. People think I have all this money with the nice dinners I prepare. But really, it’s much cheaper to make tenderloin and nice pasta at home than it is to eat out every week. Save tons and let your creativity flow.” said one.

“Plus, food made at home is almost always healthier than takeout.” another added.

10. A Skincare Routine

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A skincare routine with quality products can result in healthier skin. 

“My skincare routine! Yes, the products are more expensive, but it also takes less product per usage. My skin looks much better for it. I struggled with clogged pores and deep cyst-like pimples as a kid/teenager. You’d never know it now, thanks to my skincare routine. Now when people tell me my skin looks great, I tell them to wear sunscreen EVERY DAY and moisturize like there’s no tomorrow.” suggests one.

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