The opposite gender can be a mystery, even to those of us who think we know them well. There are many things about them that can be confusing, from their behavior to their motivations.

An internet user asked, What about the opposite gender confuses you? And the responses were oh-so-relatable!

Men Trying To Talk From Three Rooms Away 

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“Why do you try to talk to me when I’m three rooms away, on a different floor, and behind a closed door?” Said one.

“My husband does this to me, I’m in the bathroom with a vent fan that is louder than a hair dryer, washing my hands and he’s talking to me from down the hall.  This man can’t hear me when I’m sitting next to him and we’re actively having a conversation. Literally what the hell.” Another added. 

How Do Women Fit Those Miniature Socks On Their Feet?

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“How a sock 1/3 the size of my sock manages to fit on her foot. I swear she bought children’s socks by mistake, but somehow she manages to fit them on her foot, while my socks are literally the size of my feet before I put them on.”

Men’s Friendships

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“Men’s friendships. I know almost every detail of my friends’ lives and men don’t know the date of their best friends’ wedding.” 

“I feel like friendships between men are usually because of shared interests or a shared sense of humor, while women tend to have friendships with women who have similar personalities or similar lived experiences. So a man might not know his best friend’s anniversary, but he will know his favorite football team and his opinion on every single player on that team.” Another added.

How Do Women Hang Out With People They Don’t Even Like?!

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“How could someone spend so much time hanging and talking with people they don’t like?

My wife will literally spend the whole day with a girl and come home. “Omg, I hate spending time with her.” lol.”

How Do Women Manage To Find Lost Stuff

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“How every time I ask a woman to help me search for something I’ve tried finding on my own for a considerable amount of time they always manage to find it within the first couple minutes.” 

Women & Their Group Bathroom Trips

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“If it is a public bathroom in a restaurant or bar, we do this for safety. Not that we think that there are men lurking in the ladies’ bathroom, but a lot of guys if they are eyeing you up use the opportunity when you are walking from your table to the bathroom to approach you. Their whole goal is to catch you alone. If you aren’t alone, then they typically don’t approach. Also, we chitchat and gossip in the bathroom with friends. We borrow each other’s lipstick or hairspray, and sometimes borrow a tampon if we have to.” 

Women Being Mad At Their SO Because They Saw Them Cheating In A Dream!

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“Being mad at their SO because in a dream they cheated on them.” Said one. 

“My ex was perpetually worried I was cheating on her because she’d wake up during these dreams. 

Funny. She’s the one that ended up cheating. Projecting, if your girl starts to always ask and accuse you of cheating, she’s thinking of it or is.” Another added. 

Women’s Obsession With Astrology 

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“Seems like a lot of women my age are into astrology. Not that men aren’t, I just generally notice women are more likely to talk about it. I do wonder why folks gravitate toward it.” 

The Way Women Can Get Turned Off In The Blink Of An Eye

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“Women, in general, can switch from “horny” to “Nope” just like that, like a switch. If some information comes up or the situation uncomfortably changes: that’s it. 

I mean: as a man, I can also lose the mood or rethink that making love with that particular person or in that particular situation is bad, it’s just a process. A long, non-fail-safe, bendy process.” 

Women’s Obsession With Doing Their Nails

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“I get just about everything women like, dislike, etc. The only thing I don’t understand is nails. I don’t understand the long, acrylic stuff… they look awfully cumbersome to do anything with and they’re just gross to look at.”

Why Don’t Women Ask Things Directly?

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“Here are my top two:

Why they won’t use clear language and ask things directly? 

Also, why do they share EVERYTHING with their closest friends? I don’t understand what appears to be a complete lack of boundaries.” Said one. 

“I genuinely don’t see myself getting into relationships anymore because of this, women just don’t care about boundaries and I’ve been trying to see if I can just be gay at this point.” Another added. 

How A Woman Can Carry A Child

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“How can a woman carry a child!!! I’m still amazed by their ability to give birth.” Said one. 

“I’ve completed two pregnancies, and it amazes me, too! I learned about early development in molecular cell biology too, so many things have to happen just right. It is amazing!” Another added. 

Why Do Men Underestimate Their Sweetness?

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“Why doesn’t my partner realize he’s the entire feast and dessert of adorable, handsome, sweetness that I see him as??? Genuinely confusing. He is amazing but thinks he isn’t.”

Why Would Women Share Such Intimate Details With Their Friends?!

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“Why will women share such intimate and personal details with their friends? When I first hooked up with my girlfriend, I told my friends we had finally hooked up. That was about it. She described my genitalia in detail to her friends.”

Women’s Relationship With Social Media

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“Women’s relationship with social media and how much outside validation influences them.

A bit of an edge example, but I had an ex that would flip out if I liked another girl’s pics, yet she’d constantly upload selfies to get likes. This crap made no sense to me at the time.”

Men’s Inability To Do Grocery Shopping

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“How can I buy the same product for years, let’s say lettuce, but the second my (very intelligent) husband has to go to the grocery store to get lettuce he comes home with a type of lettuce no one in this house has ever once bought or eaten. Men, what happens to your brains in grocery stores?”

Women’s Love For Grey-Haired, Older Men

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“Why do I get more attention from women now that I am greying in my beard and am carrying a few more pounds than when my beard was all black and I was pretty svelte.” 

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