In some jobs, a small mistake can have big consequences. Be mindful and careful when doing them.

A user asked the forum, What job allows NO mess-ups? Here are the common responses. 


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“High voltage electrician. They often work on live circuits,”



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“My partner is off to see an air traffic controller office today. He’s been informed that distracting them in any way will end with him being unemployed.”



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“Flight Control. There is a reason why almost in every country, they are:

  1. Very well paid, great benefits
  2. Stable job
  3. Able to retire relatively young (I think on average between 50-55)

One of my childhood friends trained and then became an FC, and he told me the reason they retire that early is for psychological reasons. The stress you have on the job is very high: if you mess up, you can kill an average of 300 people (an entire plane). People suggested doctors and surgeons, but if they mess up, they kill one person.”



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“Pediatric cardiology. The surgeons work on veins the size of human hair. The nursing staff in the NICU have to be super disciplined at all times.

The doctors have to make sure they are following the right methodology always. It’s an amazing and terrifying scenario to get to behold. Thank God there are people who devote themselves to this practice.”



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“I would say the bomb squad, but their motto is “You have one chance, and if you screw them up, it’s no longer a problem.” 



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“I’m an ex Train Driver; I retired after 20 years to pursue a brighter future working within our family business. During my 20 years of service, I had one safety-critical incident.

Speeding towards the buffer stops at a terminal station. The speed limit was ten mph over the two loops aiming to stop 6 feet short of the buffer stops. I approached Charing Cross Station ramp at 12mph (max speed is 15mph). When you travel along the platform, you drive over equipment in the track called tpws loops, your trains speed is checked, and if found to be speeding, the brakes are applied on the train.

I was speeding over the loops; as I previously mentioned, my target speed was 10mph or under. I was traveling at 10.014 mph, according to the black box. The speed of the train is shown via an analog speedometer. However, the black box records your true speed in digital, you have no access to this information, and you do NOT get a digital speedo in the cab. The analog speedo shows information similar to how a standard car speedo looks, and these systems should be calibrated to work together.

The train came to a stand about 20 feet short of the buffers, I was 0.014mph over the limit. I got 10 points on my license for a period of 5 years, 2 points being removed per year of CLEAN driving. Imagine being pulled by the police for doing 30.014 mph in a 30 and getting 6 points because that’s the equivalent. So if you’re wondering why trains creep down some platforms now, you know.”



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“Deep underwater welder. One false move and you and your coworkers are crushed into paste instantly.” 



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They’re some of the most highly-paid medical professionals because messing up your anesthetic means killing you with too much or you waking up in surgery with too little.

No matter who you are or what you did, never lie to the Anesthesiologist when they’re asking questions, even if your parents are in the room.” 



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“Sterile processing technician. Aka: The people that clean surgical tools.”



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“A crane operator who lifts very heavy and or dangerous stuff. For example, a crane operator who works with molten metal for pouring.”



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“Pharmacist. You just cannot make errors.”



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“I’m an ambulance call handler/dispatcher.

If I get the address wrong for a Category 1 call (e.g. Not breathing, choking, seizure, hanging, stabbings), I could cause death or unnecessary delay, which could be life-changing if they survive.

You also have to use your judgment on whether or not a first-party caller is “alert” or “not alert” (Not alert means they get a blue light ambulance depending on the context), but if they’re “alert” it could be a few hours; they could die within that time frame.

You could also forget exemptions to triage rules and give incorrect instructions (e.g. delivering a baby but not accounting for breech positioning).

Or if I don’t ask if a psychiatric patient has weapons or is violent, a paramedic could get stabbed when they arrive (this has happened before).”



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“911 operator. I knew someone who worked in first response for almost 30 years. They got terminally diagnosed with cancer and moved to the less physically demanding role of taking 911 calls. Due to their illness and the associated stresses, they “dropped a call”. Basically took a call and didn’t dispatch. Fired on the spot after 30 years of tenure.

Understandable response, but given their situation at the time, it was just really sad to see an already hopeless situation get so much worse for them.”



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You are constantly being watched by not just your boss, tracking your every move over GPS and how much time you take at every stop, but also every single resident has a camera on their porch now.

What’s more, you are being asked to “trespass” legally on people’s property, I delivered in the rural south, so I had a few guns pointed in my direction when delivering packages to customers who explicitly requested we leave the package on their porch.

And if you misdeliver even ONE package, you will hear about it. Doesnt matter that you’ve delivered 300 packages, 1000 letters, and 500 flats that day.

To top it all off, if you screw up badly enough, it could be a felony. A felony investigated by the Postal Inspectors, which sounds comedic, but they are the same “tier” as the FBI and do not mess around.”



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“Payroll. Want to cause immediate hatred and have people running for the pitchforks and torches? Just mess with their paycheck.”

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