The pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways, and there are 11 things we’ll never take for granted again. A user asked, what’s something that changed/disappeared because of Covid that still hasn’t returned? Here are the top picks:

1. No 24-Hour Stores and Restaurants

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“24-hour stores and restaurants. There are probably way less than half as there used to be.”

“I miss being able to go to Walmart at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep and was craving something I didn’t have in the fridge.”

2. Tip Function On Machines

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“Tip function on EVERY debit machine. Like McDonald’s or Booster Juice.”

“I appreciate that at the arena in my city, the workers at the food/drink stands will just tell you they don’t get the tip when you’re paying. I’m sure their bosses wouldn’t like to hear that, but it is terrible that they have a tipping option, and it all goes to the food service company and not the actual employees.”

3. No Mannerism and Reasonableness

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“Honestly? People’s manners and their reasonableness. I work retail, and the average person has become significantly more needy, entitled, and angry over the last three years. It’s sad.”

4. No Routine Hotel Cleaning Services

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“Hotel cleaning service. They all still have signs up that say they aren’t doing daily cleanings unless requested “to keep staff safe”. Total BS at this point.”

5. Bad Effect On Mental Health Continues

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“Absolutely. Since the start of Covid, I’ve noticed a huge uptick in people getting angry at the most minor things. Not just online but also in real life.

At one point, I remember literally making every single person angry. Everyone I met. Even saying “thanks” to someone got a snippy response. I had never seen that before Covid. It made me ask, “Is everyone… like… okay?”

I think we’re seeing that people are STILL very angry about things right now, even very trivial things.”

6. Not Wanting To Work From Office

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“Me back in the office. You would have to pay me a lot of money to work in an office again.”

7. No Dressing Rooms

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“Nowhere I go has dressing rooms you can use to try on clothes anymore.”

“Yeah, we went to Burlington the other day. They ‘had’ dressing rooms, but it was just like this little box in the front of the store, and they had electric locks, and we couldn’t use them because they were ‘messed up’. But there were perfectly fine dressing rooms still in the back, we just weren’t allowed to use them.”

8. Driving Ability

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“I agree. It’s gotten so much worse. Straddling the double yellow everywhere, even less blinkers and always leaving their brights on.”

9. Not Accepting Cash

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“Places accepting cash.”

“In the last few months, I’ve been to concert venues, sports stadiums, and certain restaurants for the first time since lockdown, and I’m surprised at how many of them are card only. I get that we were trending this way before covid, but I think it’s a stupid way of doing business.”

10. No Affordability

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“Affordability. The rent is ridiculous. Groceries are ridiculous. Gas is ridiculous.

My student loan payment will be 200% higher than pre-pandemic. Eating out is expensive, plus soooooo many restaurants are adding on surcharges that you pay in addition to the tip. Concert tickets are ridiculous. Capitalism is grinding us all into the ground.”

11. Wait Times

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“We are experiencing higher than normal wait times”

“Yeah, right; you didn’t rehire the same amount of people you laid off. Now it doesnt matter when you call, you’re looking at a multi-hour wait. Businesses have been saying that same message for the last three years; it’s an average wait time.”

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