There are certain etiquette that need to be followed inside a movie theater, especially because there are a lot of other people who are watching the movie, so you need to be extra careful so as to not disturb them in any way.

But people also need to be a little patient and considerate towards others.

The Original Poster (OP) took it to the forum, and said “A woman yelled at me for checking my watch during the Barbie movie. The whole theater felt cult-like”. Here’s what happened.


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OP went to watch Barbie in the theater.


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OP was worried about a deadline that he had for something he had to write.


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As he was worried about the deadline, OP checked his watch once during the movie.


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A woman shouted at him saying “Pay attention!”


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OP was kind of irritated at her behavior, but stayed quiet and didn’t respond to her. Nobody in the theater said anything to her for yelling out during a movie.


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OP had always respected women, so much so that he ended up taking care of the woman, who abused him when she got old and sick.


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Sometimes when women scream patriarchy at OP without knowing anything about him, it feels very abusive to him. OP also doesn’t understand how that is socially acceptable.

Now OP wants to know if this is wrong.


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“A simple ‘shut up’ would maybe work in this situation?”, said one user.


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“You already know the whole cinema would take the woman’s side there.”, said another user.


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“The fact he didn’t respond at all is the most effective possible response. Because it makes completely clear how hypocritical the woman was.

She was the sole person who distracted the theater by shouting that, whereas no one would have otherwise noticed him.

If he had responded, then he’d have been just as guilty for distracting people in the theater as she would. The fact he said nothing demonstrated that she was in the wrong.”


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“Nod and smile, then exit the theater. That movie is/was/was always going to be, a propaganda film about how great it is to be a woman, with whatever minimal emotional outbursts they have that don’t amount to anything.”

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