Have you ever been terminated from a job without any clear or justifiable reason? An internet user shared an incident, “Finally found a decent job. Just got fired with no explanation.”

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What Exactly Happened?

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The Original Poster (OP) narrates, “My boss just fired me last night with no explanation or warning. Just told me not to come back. I was supposed to work tomorrow, and now I don’t have a job, and I don’t even know why.

What Was OP Told

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Just got told I ‘wasn’t a good fit’ after four months of working and now I don’t know how I’ll afford rent. This was a boss that I thought cared about his employees. Up until now, I had been thinking I was so lucky to have finally found a job that treats me like a person.

I love how the laws in the US make this completely legal. I guess even the ‘good’ bosses really don’t give a damn about us, huh.”

Let’s see what people have to say about it.

Take It As A Lesson Learned

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“Sounds like you were hired as either a placeholder or, to fill in for a surge in business demand. Years ago, I was in the same situation.

I found out from one of my brief coworkers that I was hired to complete a task and once I did I was no longer needed. I too was told I was not a good fit. Take it as a lesson learned that your employer doesn’t care about you beyond your ability to show up on time.”

No Bosses Truly Care

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“No bosses truly care. I worked for my boss for 7 years. Always on time, always worked extra, and literally gave it all my life. He Always told people he wasn’t our boss, he was our friend and that we were family.

Then I got hurt at work (disabled hurt) and he went around telling everyone we both knew that I was embellishing it, that I wasn’t hurt that bad. Basically telling everyone I was lying about it even though my dominant hand legit doesn’t work.

The funny thing is he doesn’t even own the company. He is just a supervisor. From that day forward I will never look at an employer the same way.”

Something Similar Happened To Me

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“I was also let go from a job where I thought I was secure. The CEO is a jerk. He thought it would be cheaper to hire a third-party IT company and discard me.

He didn’t realize that those stupid questions like how to open Excel would be a $95 charge for every single call and furthermore, that IT company wouldn’t help you break the law either.

Dude thought all software was free and I should be able to accomplish all the IT work without any additional cost.”

Hard To Believe This Happened

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“It amazes me to hear these kinds of stories. I live in an at-will state, but every job I’ve worked has a structure they have to follow before firing someone.”

Stop Looking For ‘Caring’ Jobs

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“Stop looking for ‘caring’ jobs. It’s a job, not a nursery.

Treat a job the same way they treat you. As a number. How much do you get paid? That’s the only thing that matters.

No loyalty, no regard. It’s a transaction, and the only thing it should be important to you is your side of the deal, how much you get.”

It Was Probably Due To Your Illnesses

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“Well, you probably *were* fired for your illnesses, but nobody with a brain is actually going to say that, much less put it in writing. So you’re kind of SOL regarding pursuing that. The best you can do I guess is ask for written confirmation of your termination and file for unemployment.”

‘Right To Work’ Is A Scam

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“You were definitely fired because of your chronic illness, it sounds like. Unfortunately in the US, they make it as easy as possible for companies to do this without any repercussions.

Remember everyone, unions are your friends and ‘Right to Work’ is a scam so that employers can fire you for discriminatory reasons without having to own up to it.”

Get It In Writing

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“Awkward has nothing to do with it. Get it in writing.

Awkward is filing for unemployment and being denied because your boss claimed you quit or abandoned the job.”

File For Unemployment ASAP

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“If your employer was a decent person, he would have spoken with you about any concerns he had rather than just firing you. Chronic illnesses are covered under ADA.

File for unemployment ASAP & note that your employer was fully aware of any chronic illnesses, and also note that he never spoke to you about any concerns nor did he ever give you any warnings, verbally or in writing.”

You Have To Ask For Accommodations

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“Not a lawyer but my understanding is that you have to ask for accommodations for your disability in writing (frequent bathroom breaks). Even so, if the shop is unable to reasonably make that accommodation (i.e. you’re the only person in the shop) they may not have to accommodate.

The best guess is your chronic illness ed to your dismissal but they don’t want to give a reason so they don’t have to fight about how the ADA does or doesn’t apply to them.

If you think you have a claim it may be worth pursuing.”

That’s A Special Secret Boss Code

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“Yeah, it’s absolutely because you’re ill. ‘Not a good fit’ is a special secret boss code for ‘will make me 1% less money than hiring someone else’.”

Show Up The Next Work Day As Usual

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“Show up the next work day as usual.

If he complains, tell him that you will be employed up until the date you get the termination in writing along with your last correctly balanced paycheck.”

You Need A Termination Letter From HR

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“You need a termination letter from HR so you can get unemployment insurance. Otherwise, they’re likely to say you quit and had to be terminated for job abandonment.”

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