A netizen recently asked, What name is ruined for you? We could agree one hundred per cent with the following responses!


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“Alexa, at least in terms of naming a child or pet thanks to the Alexa device.” Said one. 

“Coincidentally the two girls who I had the biggest Mean Girl experience with over the years were named Alexa, and I always loved the nano karma of this annoying innovation for them.” Another added. 



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“Karen. My friend, Karen, is not taking the comments well. Breaks my heart.” Said one. 

“It’s kinda sad that everyone I’ve met named Karen is super nice and not Karen-like at all.” Another added. 



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“As someone named Milo…I’d have to say, Milo. 

Nearly every Milo that I meet in real life turns out to be a dog.” 


Dillon & Dylan

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“In high school, we had a kid named Dillon and a kid named Dylan and Im pretty sure they were in a secret “Who Can Be The Bigger Piece Of Thing” contest and they tied for first.” 

“I have only good experiences with Dylan, not the same with Dillon.” Another added. 



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“Harmony. I’m a teacher, and all the Harmonys I’ve had were not at all harmonious.” Said one. 

“I 2nd this. Both the harmonys I knew were often cruel for no reason. Not trying to judge someone by their name but I wonder if it’s a coincidence.” Another added. 



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“Once I’ve googled “lolita” to get to the book’s Wikipedia page. Before the first hit, there was a Google PSA-like thing saying that watching child obscene content was a crime.

Jesus Christ, Google, I just wanted to know more about a book and now I am on some sort of list.” 



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“Aaron – Thanks Key & Peele.” Said one. 

“My best friend is named Aaron. there isn’t much that can annoy him, but that is the fastest and easiest way. can’t blame him tbh.” Another added. 



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“Oedipus. Only takes one jerk to ruin a cool name…” Said one. 

“That was the most disturbing story of my childhood. Made Grimm brothers seem tame in comparison.” Another added.  



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“Judas. It doesn’t get the attention like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.” Said one.

“It’s interesting because a friend had a ~friend~ named Judas who was super chaotic and very manipulative to her. The kid is Hispanic and comes from a very religious family so I can’t fathom why this mom/ parents would name their kid Judas…. Unless they somehow knew/ had a vision he’d be crappy… like maybe he kicked her womb too hard idk.” Another added. 



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“Anything I hear the name Devin I can’t help thinking about the SNL skit “The Californians”.” Said one. 

“I love that skit. My dad lives in California and he doesn’t get it at all. But when he talks he always mentions his route. It’s bizarre.” Another added. 



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“Angel. Some guy I used to work with robbed the business blind causing them to close down. Never trust a guy named Angel.” 



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“Heather. I swear to god at least 20% of the girls I went to high school with were named Heather and they were all nasty girls.” 



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“I have a bad association with the name Alex. In college, I sat next to an Alex in art history and he was always drinking coffee and after every sip, he would go, “Ahh!” Every two seconds, “Ahh!” and he would take like 40 sips… I had to drop the class!” 



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“Courtney. The biggest bully in junior high. Hate you, Courtney. You’re the reason I changed schools and went into therapy.” 



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“Chloe. My dad wanted me to be named Chloe, but my mom convinced him to name me her preference. I always thought if I had a daughter I would name her Chloe as a way to honor him. Well, my mom ended up rescuing a stray dog and was trying to get my dad to let her keep it. She named her Chloe so my dad would be more inclined… it’s kind of funny, but I can’t name a future child the same name as my parent’s dog.” 



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