In the United States, there are a number of things that are legal but should not be. These things can range from harmful practices to loopholes that allow companies to take advantage of consumers.

A user asked, what is something legal in the US that shouldn’t be? and here are the top things:

1. Ticketmaster

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“These companies should at least be required to show the price with fees up front.”

“Yes! I will switch political parties to any politician that promises to destroy Ticketmaster! Monopoly out of control.”

2. Free Trials 

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“Free” trials that require a credit card information

“I always immediately nope out when it asks for my billing info. I don’t care how often you tell me it’s free; you don’t need my billing info if you aren’t planning on charging me anything.”

3. Health Insurance Insanity

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“I went to Costco to get a simple prescription. It was $8. The copay was $20. Bless his heart, the pharmacist sold it for $8 and told me not to involve my insurance.”

“I went in for a vasectomy with a high deductible insurance plan. The cost would be $1700 if I used my insurance, which would have all been out of pocket. The secretary then told me that if I wanted to skip my insurance and just pay cash that day, it would be $600. I paid the $600. The entire system is out of whack right now.”

4. Corporations Buying Housing

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“Corporations and businesses buying all the housing.”

“100% this. And also requires at least one person on the title to be a US citizen. Not that I’m against immigrants buying a home. Just against foreigners buying them up as a way of parking their money in our real estate, making it fewer houses are on the market. Between corporations and funds buying up our housing, foreign investors, inflation, interest rates, and lack of more affordable housing being built it’s almost impossible to find an affordable home nowadays.”

5. Child Marriages

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“A handful of states haven’t made laws about it, like.. 7 or 8 states have low age requirements, then the rest of the US is like 15-18 minimum. But then you have Republican Representatives in Missouri okay with 12-year-olds marrying.”

“I’m from southwest Missouri, and when I was in eighth grade, one of my classmates got married and dropped out.”

6. Civil Asset Forfeiture

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“Eminent domain, civil asset forfeiture, and HOAs foreclosing on your house.”

“There are stories of people accruing so many fines and falling behind on their dues payments (and then getting hit with interest on top of that) that the HOA was able to buy their house for insultingly low sums. I’m talking less than $4.”

“Civil asset forfeiture is appalling. Who thinks it’s a good idea to give police departments free rein to rob people?”

 7. Politicians Owning Stocks

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“If not, them, it’s their family members. They get the tips, and we get the shaft.”

8. Mega Churches Being Tax Exempt

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“Megachurches being tax exempt.”

“If you want tax-exempt status, cool, become a legal 501(c)(3) and submit to quarterly audits like literally every other single charity/non-profit.”

9. Debarking and Declawing

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“Declawing and debarking. I didn’t know they were legal or even a thing.”

“Surgery for getting rid of a dog’s bark. The surgery removes part of a dog’s vocal cords to make a quieter household pet.”

“I had a friend living in an apartment in Germany. She had a dog that would occasionally bark. The neighbor complained, and the authorities said they would de-bark the dog if it barked more than three times in a row. She ended up moving out of Germany.”

De-barking is also generally legal in the U.S. 

10. Pharma Ads

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“Commercials and advertisements for medication. In most countries, marketing prescription drugs isn’t legal. It’s so strange.”

11. Child Beauty Pageants

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“Child beauty pageants”

“Toddlers and Tiaras, that is some child abuse if I ever saw it.”

12. Expensive Student Loans

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“Banks/companies are profiting off of student loans. Cap loans at 1% interest.”

13. High Corn Syrup in Everything

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“High fructose corn syrup in everything”

14. Abortion Bans

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“Abortion bans. Abortion is a life-saving procedure, and we can’t afford any red tape around it. If a woman needs an urgent abortion, there’s no time for her to drive to the next state over. Abortion bans kill women. I guarantee that this wouldn’t even be up for discussion if men could get pregnant. But because it’s a women’s issue, politicians think they can get away with it to rally their base. Disgusting.”

15. Exemption for Priests

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“Priests aren’t required by law to report child abuse or pedo’s if they learn about it through confession.”

16. Paparazzi

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“Paparazzi taking photos of children. Or paparazzi in general tbh”

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