Not all well-known restaurants and food places happen to be worth the hype. 

A netizen recently asked, “What highly recommended restaurant/food place did you go to that you thought was overrated?” Below are the top responses!


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“Beatnik was ridiculously expensive for how mediocre/confusing the food was. $7 for a club soda!? Nope. I learned my lesson and won’t be back.” 


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“Maple and Ash. The drinks are top-notch. Food was mediocre.” 


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“Avec. Been dragged there close to 30 times.  I admit, the dates are good. But anything that gets wrapped in bacon is delicious. Everything else. Just me. I also dislike eating out while strangers practically sit in my lap.” 


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“The purple pig. Overrated and overpriced.” 


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“I haven’t had a good meal at Fry the Coop (I like the beef tallow fries, though).” 


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“Duck Duck Goat. Food was overpriced, mediocre at best, nasty at worst. The noodle dish we got was swimming in oil, and half the dishes tasted like they were from the freezer section.”


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“Gibson’s Steakhouse. I was taking my little bro out for his 18th birthday and figured I’d heard good things about that place. It wasn’t bad by any means, but given the price we paid, I expected better.” 


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“Pequod’s. I have gone there three times with other people, and each time, the pizza has just tasted like burnt tomato bread. Way, way too much dough for how little cheese they use.”


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“I finally managed to get into High Five. Maybe ordering the vegetarian ramen was my mistake. It was easily among the worst restaurant ramen I’ve had. I was expecting a Momofuku tier, and it was barely a food court tier.” 


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“Surprised no one’s mentioned this yet, but Parson’s definitely. I’ve made the clever joke of saying they serve gentri fried chicken. Get it? Lol. Too overpriced for me.”


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“The wings at Stocks and Blondes weren’t even that good.” 


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“Green Street Meats is overpriced, overrated, and unoriginal. Their BBQ game is weak compared to almost every BBQ joint I’ve ever been to.” 


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“Prime and Provisions. The steak was bad, and the mushrooms were gritty. It was a terrible meal.” 


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“Formento’s. Granted, not many foodies highly praise it, but it gets 4.5 stars on Google. Found it overly salty, not enjoyable or memorable food, uncomfortable environment, and way overpriced for what you can get elsewhere at that price point.” 


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“Ricobenes. I lived in Bridgeport for five years. For a last-ditch effort when you’re intoxicated and high, sure. But the recommendations are completely overblown.” 

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