Although not many celebrities seem to be bothered enough to feel the need to engage in something outside the world of publicity and glamor and use their fame and riches for a good cause, the ones who do, certainly deserve their share of appreciation. 


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An internet user recently asked, Which celebrity accomplished something cool under the radar that we should know about? Whether it’s a charity event, a humanitarian cause like Akon, a weird talent, a local event, etc., what’s something a celeb has done without running a whole PR case about it that you think is cool? 

The responses were so heartwarming that we knew you’d love to read them. So, here you go:


Hedy Lamarr

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“Old but Hedy Lamarr working on frequency hopping technology during ww2, which is the precursor to wifi.” Said one. 

“My grandpa always tells me I was “going to be the next Hedy Lamarr”  just because I would help him with technology. I was like Grandpa I appreciate the compliment, but I literally just restarted the internet for you.” Another added. 


Keanu Reeves 

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“Keanu Reeves has a private foundation that aids Children’s Hospitals and cancer research. He doesn’t attach his name to it because ‘I just let the foundation do what it does’. Keanu also made a cancer research donation of $31.5 million partly in support of his younger sister Kim, who had been battling cancer for eight years.” 


Steve Buscemi

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“Steve Buscemi joining his old firefighters’ squad after 911 and doing it with no press; people only found out because his fellow firefighters praised him after the fact.” Said one. 

“He refused any publicity or any cameras filming him,” Another added. 



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“Many people are familiar with Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade. But a lot of people don’t know that he has two other daughters, Alaina and Stevie. 

Stevie, who is non-binary, is Eminem’s ex-wife’s daughter from another relationship. Eminem adopted them as a baby because their biological father struggled with drug addiction. Alaina is the biological child of his ex-wife’s twin sister, who also, unfortunately, struggled with drug addiction, so Eminem took her in as well. 

Eminem has been adamant that they are *his* children, biological or not, and they’ve spoken about how normal and peaceful an upbringing Eminem gave them.” 


Topher Grace 

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“Topher Grace teaching himself to edit and edit the Star Wars prequels into one cohesive film that’s, apparently, really good. He also made a 5-minute trailer of all the films.” Said one. 

“Damn, he went *method* when he played Eric on That 70s Show” Another added. 


Gary Sinise

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“Gary Sinise takes the children and surviving spouses of fallen soldiers to Disney World every year. He does this as a way for them to meet and create new memories with others who have gone through the same experience.

I know Disney is very hit or miss when it comes to public opinion, but helping the families have fun after a tragic event is always great to see.” 


Britney Spears 

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“Britney Spears wrote that heartfelt letter to a young boy who was a fan and scared to come out of the closet. She remembered him from a while back at one of her Vegas Piece of Me shows. Just shows her kind heart.”


Zayn Malik 

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“Zayn Malik on poverty and free school meals in Britain was unexpected.” Said one. 

“Wish more British celebs would be more outspoken about it, especially after Marcus Rashford – but I guess that’s the issue with most of them being the upper class and privately educated…” Another added. 


Ashton Kutcher 

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“Ashton Kutcher took a step back from acting to work on the prevention of human trafficking. That’s pretty well known, but still, he’s done some actual legitimate work on it, not just thrown his name on a foundation and called it a day.” Said one. 

“This is a good one. I remember someone saying, “Ashton is one of the few that is 100% a better man than he is an actor. And he’s a pretty good actor. That’s more than most can say.” Another added. 


Dolly Parton 

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“Dolly Parton has given over 200 million (!!) books to children in low-income zip codes.” Said one. 

“It’s not just low-income zip codes. Imagination Library is all over and growing every year. In TN, we have IL license plates, and the money goes to your county’s IL program. Fantastic program!” Another added. 


Hailey Beiber

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“I recently learned Hailey Bieber was a ballerina for 12 years but stopped due to a bad injury. I think it’s, literally, maybe the coolest thing about her, but she never really talks about it. She would maybe beat the boring allegations if she shared more about that, but maybe it’s a sensitive topic for her since she had to quit because of an injury.” Said one. 

“This is wild to me! It explains a lot for me, though. I’ve always thought she’s had great posture and carries herself with a dancer’s Grace.” Another added. 

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