Growing old can be scary for many people. Certain things about aging make us feel uneasy and worried. But it’s important to remember that aging is a natural part of life. A user asked the forum, “What scares you the most about turning old?”

Here are the common responses. 


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“People treating me like I’m just a stupid old thing instead of a real person.”


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“Not having enough money to live when I physically can’t work anymore.”


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“It is all changing. Loved ones passing and periods of life ending. Christmas is no longer a big party and grandmother’s house; it’s now smaller, and that period of life is over. The health of those around me varies. Parents get older, lose a few family members, and friends and family move away or become distant.

The donut shop I’ve been going to for the last 28 years, dad would take me at six years old before school closed, and I didn’t realize the last donut I had was the last donut I had.

But I’m also a kid at heart; I’m young and can do a lot right now. Someday, I won’t be able to do everything I want, which scares and motivates me.”


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“My mom’s Alzheimer’s test:

Draw clock to show 11:10

Three words to remember: River Nation Finger

They also had a swallow test. Alzheimer’s patients forget how to swallow.

Got this memorized like it’s a cheat sheet.”


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“For me, it’s that I will lose my mind and spill a lifetime of dirt on myself.”


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“Losing my ability to see/hear. My dad lost his hearing and quickly declined. My mom is losing what is left of her eyesight. It’s painful to watch.”


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“At some point, either my wife or I will die. Leaving the other alone.”


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 “Reading and writing brings my life sense. It’s something I can’t imagine living without.”


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“Losing my looks and energy.”


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“I was good at sports, and now I am out of breath just by walking 1-floor stairs. So, getting physically weak is something I fear. Another fear is losing my teeth.”


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“Dementia. I’m nearly 65, and my Mother-In-Law(88) has it, and she’s going downhill fast. This thought terrifies me. Other than that, I like being old. Way more fun than I was expecting.”


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“Loneliness. My husband doesn’t look after himself, and if he dies at the same age as his parents, we’ve got seven years left.”


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“Living in abject poverty, being forgotten and lonely, losing my wits, defecating myself, death.”


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“Cancer. It runs heavily on both sides of my family, and at 40, I’m doing what I can.”


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“Having less time in front of me to experience all I want to do.”

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