We’ve all encountered situations where we suspect someone isn’t being entirely truthful. But pinpointing a lie can be tricky, as words can be carefully crafted and masks can be convincingly worn.

Fear not, truth seekers! This guide delves into 14 telltale signs that someone is lying.

Too Much Info Without Specifics

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Liars often fall into the trap of providing too much information without concrete details. This can be a subtle but revealing sign of their deception.

Unnecessary Details

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To appear credible and deflect suspicion, they may launch into lengthy explanations, embellish details, or offer irrelevant information. This verbal overload distracts from the core of the matter, making it difficult to pinpoint inconsistencies or identify missing pieces.

They Don’t Like It If You Question Them

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One telltale sign of deception can be a person’s reaction to questioning. While honest individuals typically welcome clarification and readily answer inquiries, liars often become defensive and evasive when asked probing questions.

Getting Super Defensive Along With Some Screaming

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When someone consistently becomes overly defensive, especially in response to seemingly innocuous inquiries, it can be a red flag for potential lying.

Sounds Too Good To Be True

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Liars often fall into the trap of weaving narratives that are too good to be true. They may paint overly optimistic scenarios, offer unrealistic guarantees, or promise quick solutions to complex problems. While these promises may initially sound appealing, their very extravagance can be a telltale sign of deception.

They Gaslight You

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Liars often employ subtle tactics to manipulate and control their victims, one of the most insidious being gaslighting. A user says, “They gaslight you into being afraid to ask them questions. They will say nonsense like ‘Why don’t you trust me? Why do I have to prove every small thing.”

Can’t Handle Follow-up Questions

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Their carefully constructed narratives rely on controlled information and pre-determined responses. However, when confronted with further inquiries, their fabricated stories can crumble under the weight of additional scrutiny

They Over-Explain Without Being Asked

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Liars often feel the need to over-explain, and you haven’t even asked for an explanation in the first place. That’s suspicious.

They Look Incredibly Desperate To Prove Their Point

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Often, the giveaway is how they look at you like they *need* you to believe them to satisfy their ego. You’ll know it when you see it.

Changing Subjects Or Trying To End The Conversation

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When someone tries to shift or end the conversation abruptly, it clearly indicates someone lying. 

They Don’t Directly Answer The Question

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To conceal information or avoid responsibility, they may evade the question, provide misleading answers, or deflect with irrelevant information. It is clear indication they are lying.

Talking In Circles

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Liars often fall into the trap of talking in circles, repeating themselves, and avoiding the core of the question.

Body Language

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While no single behavior definitively indicates a lie, liars often exhibit “tells” that deviate from their normal behavior and betray their inner discomfort. Microexpressions like fleeting frowns tightened jawlines, or forced smiles can hint at emotional tension and deception.

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