Are you looking to earn some extra cash without investing too much time? 

A netizen recently asked, “What’s a non-time-intensive way to make 100 dollars a week?

What’s a quick, easy way to make 100 dollars a week? As I have two jobs, I’m looking for something that won’t be too time-intensive. What can I do?”. 

Here are the top responses. 


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“Sell cookies. It worked for me, and I earn $150 per week. Work with realtors and make large batches.”


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“Get a freelance babysitting/pet sitting job. Look for freelance apps that let you work for one day only.”


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“Rover. I’ve watched five dogs and made $1,000. Super easy.”


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“Uber eats. I currently work three jobs and have spare time between them to deliver people food. I made $50 in a week so far on five deliveries.”


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“DoorDash for me, easy $100 per weekend. I try to bump it to $500-600 per month.”


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“Grow vegetables and sell them at a farmers market. I know some poorer people who use community gardens to do this.

Suppose you live in an area with good rainfall. There’s minimal effort. The most significant expense is getting into the farmers market and the tent/table.” 


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“Mobile notary. It takes a little time and cash to get licensed/bonded, but it can pay very well. We had a mobile notary come to the house in January because I forgot to fill out some insurance paperwork, and the deadline was midnight. At 7 pm, the notary showed up, and we paid $100 ($50 after-hours fee plus $10/page). Worth it.”


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“Invest money in dividend-paying stocks. I’ve been building up mine and make $100 extra monthly from them. My 64-year-old coworker has alluded to pulling in 4 figures a month in dividends on his stock portfolio alone.”


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“Data Annotation. You help train different AI (Artificial Intelligence) models by fact-checking their responses. It pays $18-$27+, depending on the project you’re working on. You do have to pass an assessment, though. They payout using PayPal, and it’s a pretty cool gig once you’re accepted.”


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“The quickest way is to donate plasma. You can make $400/600 on average monthly, and they always have incentives. Sometimes it’s $1000 a month. 

The time at the place depends on how busy it is when you go, but the process only takes around an hour and a half.”


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“Take out your neighbors’ trash bins. 10$ a week for ten houses. Take them out and put them back. Easy money.”


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“Remotasks. I’m on a project that asks for 15-20 hours a week, so it’s not sustainable for me with a full-time job. But I’m making $25 an hour, and I’m doing 15 hours a week as long as I can. Other projects are paid by the task that doesn’t ask for many hours.”


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“Referee/Umpire games, where I live, I get $50 per game.”


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“You could go to a thrift store and buy cheap furniture to fix up and resell online. Nightstands, benches, simple items. The furniture is so expensive. 

People are always looking for a good deal on them. Some may be in good enough condition and only require a paint job. Or you could try and find designer brand items (in good condition) like clothing, shoes, and handbags and resell those online for more than you paid.”


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“Try day trading; once you get the process, you can easily make $100 daily, my friend. There are perfect forums and coaches that you can follow on this as well.” 

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