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A user asked, what is something you have stopped buying or never bought. Here are some answers:

1. Trash Bags

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“Trash bags – we use paper Kroger bags. (Compared to plastic, we usually leave the store with three paper bags where we’d have 20 plastic bags.

The paper is also more significant for our trash can. And we only do this when we need them – we usually take bags with us.).”

2. Plastic Wrap

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“Plastic Wrap – we don’t have a substitute, but we don’t miss it.”

3. Zip Locks

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“Ziplock bags – don’t miss them. Just use Tupperware.”

4. Cleaning Products

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“Cleaning products – aside from one germ-killing spray, I use a vinegar/dish soap/water mixture on almost everything.”

5. Paper Towels

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“Paper towels – just use dish towels and rags.”

6. Febreeze

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“Febreeze or those plug-in things.”

“Things like that can also be bad for indoor air quality.”

“I’ve also heard that they can be bad for pets depending on the brand.”

7. Paper Napkins

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“I have never bought paper napkins in my entire life.”

“Me either! I collect them on the rare takeout chance (just the ones the workers shove in the bag, I don’t stuff them myself), and I still can’t go through all the paper napkins in my drawer. I mostly use washable cotton napkins I made myself.”

I mostly use the paper napkins I have collected to clean up bacon grease.”

8. Bottled Water

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“Not sure if this counts, but bottled water. The tap water where I live is perfectly fine. I have a couple of reusable bottles I fill up at home, plus there are water refill stations everywhere. So many people I know still buy bottled water, and I don’t know why!”

9. Paper Plates

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“Paper plates/bowls/cups. No plastic ones, either. I have enough real plates and silverware for 30 people or more if they don’t mind mismatched plates. I also have real napkins.”

10. Fabric Softener

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“Fabric softener. Half-cup of vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser works GREAT.”

11. Seeds

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“Seeds. I collect next year’s seeds from this year’s crop. Everything from zinnia and snapdragons to zucchini and eggplant.

If I don’t have a particular seed, my library has a seed area where you can take seeds (o donate some of mine to them).”

12. Menstrual Products

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“Menstrual products, the diva cup lasts for years and has saved me hundreds of dollars.”

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