Watching YouTube videos is the best way to pass the time and get entertained. If you are bored, watch these YouTube videos. 

A user asked the forum, “What are quality YouTubers to watch when bored?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Answers With Joe. Super chill, guy; explain one history/science in a way that’s easy to understand!

How 2 Drink for all your mixed drink needs. I have learned a lot about the history of drinks I like

Cooking History with Max Miller. The dude cooks a historically accurate meal and then explains its history.”


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“Check out Technology Connection if you like detailed nerdy analysis about everyday appliances.”


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“Lock-picking lawyers can be interesting. He also made me lose faith in a lot of locks.”


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“Ghost Town Living

It’s wild that the guy bought a ghost town called Cerro Gordo and has been slowly restoring and rebuilding it.

Relaxing, super high production value, and exciting insights. But I sometimes get the feeling the guy is a bit in over his head at times, which can give me a feeling that I’m just watching an obsessed dude who has been lucking his way out of many dangerous/challenging situations.”


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“Lemmino is amazing; he makes incredibly detailed videos about the weirdest phenomena.”


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“I’m not someone who watches YouTube often, but when I do, I enjoy watching SummoningSalt videos on video games and world record progressions. Well-made videos and surprisingly interesting.”


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“Drew Gooden is the best commentary channel.”


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“Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell – They make animated videos about so much exciting stuff on our planet. Not in German if you’re scared of the name.”


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His videos focus on two topics: the history of Amusement parks and the history of preschool shows. Both subjects will feature Disney stuff half the time, but it’s still really informative. They are well-researched, engaging, and have a surprising amount of dry wit to make you laugh if you’re paying attention.

Here’s his video on the Nickelodeon Hotel.”


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“Oversimplified! An enjoyable way to learn a ton of history!”


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“I’d go for Tom Scott and his second channel, Tom Scott Plus. Entertaining videos, interesting topics, and quite educational content.”


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“Wendigo. He talks about mysterious/creepy content that’ll send you down rabbit holes.

Rachel Maksy if you like cozy content with wholesome vibes.”


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“Let’s Game It Out.

A chaotic guy who loves breaking video games. If anyone can recommend similar channels, I’d appreciate it.”


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“Wendover production.

The guy has a video about everything!”


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“Kitbag!!! He deals with scammers but is hilarious and just a good human being!”

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