Have you ever come across something so strange that it left you scratching your head, unable to find an explanation? 

A user asked the forum, “What is the weirdest thing you have seen that you can’t explain?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I was hanging out on the sidewalk in front of a drugstore when some guy walked by, stopped, looked at me, and asked me to think of a card. Then he said, ‘You’re picturing the five clubs!’ I was amazed. That’s the card I was thinking of, and I said, ‘That’s right.’ The guy just winked and walked away.

That’s the best magic trick I’ve ever seen, and it was some random person on the street that I never saw again. 

I have no clue how he did it other than some subliminal planting of the image in my mind, but that’s unreliable. It was a card trick that involved no cards at all. That was the most inexplicable thing I’ve ever seen.”


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“In a hospital, the nicer the patient, the worse the prognosis. If they work for charities and are polite, they have aggressive cancer. If they are rude jerks who sell coke to children, they will live long no matter how sick they are.”


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“Family was on holiday at a resort in Vietnam.

My sister and I took an elevator in the hotel, and it stopped and opened up on the top floor, where nothing was built. Just bricks lying about, a wheelbarrow, no fence or wall around the edge of the building, and a single small tree growing out of the ground in front of the elevator doors a few feet out.

There was also this impenetrable fog floating around, obscuring the sight of the rest of the resort below, and it was pretty windy. We both agreed it was weird and dangerous to be up here as we weren’t meant to have access to the top floor since it wasn’t entirely constructed.

We returned to the ground floor and noticed it was a sunny and clear day. We wondered where that fog and wind went.

So we decided to go back to the unfinished rooftop level to check again, but when we did, it was perfectly fine and fully built. We couldn’t explain it and found that half-built top floor again afterward.”


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“I once saw a clipboard fly off the hook it hung on and land around 3 feet away. The room was still beforehand, with no breeze or earthquake or anything. Just hanging up where it always was, then flung across the room for no reason. Most boring poltergeist ever.”


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“I was living in my last apartment back in the 90s. I walked down the hall, turned to go to the bathroom, and got hit in the back with a penny. Nobody else was in the apartment.”


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“My friends and I flashed a powerful light across a river and saw what appeared to be a massive boar. It then stood up on its hind legs and did not compute. Immediate fear, everyone ran. I was a kid, but I have a perfect memory and several friends who are positive they also saw it. I don’t know.”


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“I posted something long ago, but I went from driving on one highway to another in pouring rain. I was still headed in the right direction and about 10 miles in total displacement. But I consciously chose one and was on it until I saw road signs telling me I was on the other.

I just went numb. 

No loss of time or any other abnormality. It could have been a simple mistake if I didn’t have to make a distinct effort to choose the route I wanted. But I was on the road; I decided (geography, etc.) until I wasn’t. Something instantly picked me up and put me down, and I didn’t notice until how long?”


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“My grandmother swears an angel saved me at the beach as a baby. I was too young to remember, but the story goes that we were floating around in the ocean, and a wave knocked a few-month-old me off a raft and away from my grandma.

She claims she panicked and that I was nowhere to be seen, but as she ran to the shore, a freakishly tall older man with wispy gray hair caught her and handed me over. After checking to see if I was okay, she turned to thank him but said he had vanished completely.”


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“My sister and I saw the same (or similar) floating white figure out of the same window of the house six months apart without having discussed it till about eight years after each witnessing it. Our eldest sister claimed to have seen the same thing before our house after we both came clean. There was about a year-long period when I would hear a phantom calling my name to the front yard, but there was no one or nothing out there when I’d look outside.”


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“On a road trip, I saw a pale dot in the sky. It looked like it split into pieces suddenly and disappeared.”


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“Had (apparently) a sleep hallucination (different from a night terror) and saw a black Ichor Monster with a crown made of flesh. It ran at me all herky-jerky when it noticed I was awake. I screamed and put the blanket over my head. My mom woke up and ran into the room. It was gone.

It looked as real as real life, just a few feet from me. It was seamless with real life.

Twenty years later, I haven’t experienced anything like that before or after. Mom later said she saw a moving shadow in the room before she turned on the light.”


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“This was about 8-10 years ago. I was on my way to work for an early morning shift. To get to work, I had to drive down this long dark road, which the speed limit was about 80km. 

Now, on this road, there is a stretch for about 2 minutes where there is pure darkness except for your headlights. While driving, I saw an orb of light directly above my car, traveling quicker than me. I had never seen anything like it; the light followed me for 30 seconds and then shot to the side into the bushland. 

I was intrigued and wanted to follow it, but no road led towards it. It slowly disappeared into the trees. I’ve never told anyone except my girlfriend this story as I don’t know what to make of it.”


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“I saw a friendly-looking cat that I didn’t recognize coming up to me, looking for attention, in the hallway of my house. Right when it got close, it disappeared. Years later, I got a kitten, which grew into a cat that reminded me of that cat.”


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“One night when I was a kid, my friend and I saw some guy get out of his pickup and throw several large, full trash bags into the woods across the street from my house. We figured it was leaves he’d collected from his yard. The next morning, we went to get the bags, thinking we’d dump the leaves in the woods and throw the bags away, but there was nothing there.”


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“I went to put a quarter in my pocket but accidentally dropped it on a tile floor.

It just never hit the ground. I have never heard it land.

I checked everywhere. I checked my pockets. I checked the hem of my pants. I checked the ground. I checked again. It truly disappeared.”

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