While every relationship is unique and requires its own set of dynamics, the foundations of love, communication, and compromise remain the cornerstones of a strong and enduring bond.

A user asked on a popular forum, what relationship rule have you memorized forever? and in this article, they share some of the best relationship rules they have memorized forever. 

1. Actions Matter More Than Words In Relationships

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People say many things, but you know it’s working when they start taking action.

“I can’t remember the exact wording, but something to the effect of- pay more attention to how invested your partner is in the relationship, not how much they say they are.” said one.

“Look up for more actions and less talking.” another added.

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2. “Us vs. The Problem” Instead Of “You vs. Me”

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When problems arise in relationships, working together to overcome them is crucial. Couples can tackle challenges more effectively and strengthen their bond by adopting an “us vs. the problem” mentality.

“This all day and well into the next. I went through many years of the former and being with my fiancee now. It was a revelation. Nothing has ever been better for my life than being in a partnership where this is the operating principle.” a user said.

3. You Can’t Help Those Who Don’t Want Help

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Without the individual’s openness and eagerness to accept assistance, any effort to help them would be futile.

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” said one “And if that person wants to be helped, you still cannot help them until they are READY to be helped .” another added.

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4. Describe Your Partner To Others Helps You Understand Your Feelings

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How we describe our partner to others can reveal much about our true feelings towards them. It’s an essential aspect of understanding the dynamics of a relationship.

“Listen to how you describe your partner to friends or how you think at the moment how you’re describing your partner to them. That will tell you a lot about how you feel about them.” a Redditor said.

5. Setting Boundaries In A Relationship

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This statement emphasizes the significance of setting clear boundaries in a relationship. It suggests that when these boundaries are violated, it’s best to move on and find someone who respects you to avoid unnecessary drama and heartache.

“Set boundaries, and when they’re violated, that’s that. The chance dance is a waste of good times that could be had either single or with someone who respects you. Speaking from too much experience.” said one.

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6. Letting Go Of Petty Arguments For Stronger Relationships

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Recognizing the importance of choosing your battles and avoiding unnecessary arguments can lead to healthier relationships and prevent potential harm to those connections in the future.

“Wish I could have learned this years ago. I massively screwed up my relationships by arguing about things for no reason. All you do is drive them away, and they’ll probably think you’re an a..hole forever. Some stuff you have to let go, even if you are genuine “right” it’s probably not going to get you anything by arguing about something out of your control,” a user said.

7. Navigating Vulnerability And Emotions Without Turning To Arguments

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Creating a safe space for expressing emotions without turning them into arguments is essential. You can achieve this by practicing healthy communication and embracing vulnerability.

“Admitting your feelings and being vulnerable should never turn into an argument.” said one.

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8. Evaluating The Health Of Relationships To Prevent Heartbreak

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Learning to set healthy boundaries in relationships includes evaluating if the connection is mutually beneficial. This can prevent heartbreak and promote emotional well-being.

“Something a friend of mine, once told me “always ask yourself if this relationship isn’t taking more from you than it is giving you.” Saved me a lot of heartbreak.” said one.

“Wish I had listened to my friend who told me the same thing.” another added.

9. Never Assume Anything

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“Assumption is the cause of all the mess in a relationship.” said one. “Trying to learn how to be better about this one, and I’ve caused a lot of issues assuming.” another added.

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10. Compatibility vs. Common Interests In Relationships

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While sharing common interests is a good foundation, true compatibility involves deeper understanding and connection. Recognizing this can lead to more critical and more fulfilling relationships.

“I agree with this! I once dated a guy who, on paper, seemed like he’d be a great match because we had so much in common—similar interests, a similar sense of humor, and similar things we liked to do for fun. But we were incompatible because we had completely different attachment and conflict resolution styles. He was always super jealous and insecure when I needed time to myself, and no amount of binge-watching the same TV shows would fix that.” said one.

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