Some cities are so bizarre that they demand a visit, even if you’re just passing through. A netizen recently asked, “Truck drivers, what city or town do you absolutely refuse to stop in?”. Below are the top responses.

King’s Lynn in Norfolk

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“No human being should ever have to visit King’s Lynn in Norfolk. The very shallowest end of the British gene pool. All the local swamp-dwellers come in on Fridays and Saturdays to get drunk and fight. Entire villages have the same surname. Hellish place.”


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“Our truck driver refuses to drive through the state of Arizona. He gets a ticket every time he does. His last ticket was for ‘excessively flappy mud flaps’.”


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“Route driving, box truck driver here. Anywhere around Boston is a nightmare. That city wasn’t designed for drivers, especially trucks.”

Browning, Montana

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“Browning, Montana. My family and I like to count the stray dogs as we pass through, my personal record is 23.”

Ardmore, Oklahoma

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“Ardmore, Oklahoma – I have to deliver fuel here, particularly in the high crime rate areas. Was dropping gas at a station that has the tank drops positioned in front of the doors.

Long story short, a woman walks outside and then proceeds to light her cigarette just as I’m releasing my vapor catch. It blew a flaming ball past her face and all she had to say was, ‘Well, I guess I had better smoke over there’. Never again.”


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“I drove cross country for a year some time ago. During that year there were 3 times a prostitute knocked on my window however only in Baltimore did I see them swarming the truck stop lot and broadcasting their services over the CB.

I’m sure there are truck stops like that everywhere, but the only one I randomly came across was that one in Baltimore.”


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“Brampton. A city in Ontario, Canada. Literally the worst drivers in Canada. There is so much insurance fraud that Bramptonians pay the highest auto insurance premiums in North America.”, said one.

“Born and raised Bramptonian here. Have had my life flash before my eyes multiple times and I drive a Cobalt. I can’t imagine driving a truck in Brampton.”, another added.

Vidor Texas

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“Vidor Texas, because screw that town. Not a truck driver, like most posters on this thread, but while in the Army some buddies and I would drive through there on our way to Houston from Louisiana and one time we stopped for gas. We were told to fill up and get out because we were the wrong color.

The only reason we didn’t get hurt was that one of them realized we were military and I guess they respected that but were warned never to stop again…never have again and never will.”

Ferriday, Louisiana

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“Ferriday, Louisiana. Any fellow Louisianans wanna chime in? You know I’m right. That entire strip of towns from Natchez to Monroe…Vidalia, Ferriday, Sicily Island, Wisner, etc. is the living embodiment of dead-end, blow-your-brains-out-from-boredom-and-depression towns, but Ferriday takes the cake.

South Louisiana is weird but it has character and history, as corrupt as it may be. I’m originally from Ruston, which on paper is a really nice small college town to live in…until you live there. It died around 1995, I think. I left for the military and I haven’t been back even after I separated. The saying around Ruston is, ‘There’s nothing to do in Ruston but drugs’.”

Prince George, BC

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“Prince George, BC. They have a large pulp mill. It smells. So bad. Your nose never gets used to it, either. It’s always there in the back of your throat, making everything taste vaguely like moldy paper mache. Screw you, Prince George.”

Cave Junction, OR

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“Cave Junction, OR. The lack of teeth, high crime, drugs and the fact that it supplies the entire state of Oregon with weed. Now I don’t have a problem with weeds, but the farms are hostile in the woods. Woman traps, guards, guns and no cell service. Not a fun place to be.”

Downtown Macon, Georgia

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“Downtown Macon, Georgia. I live in North Macon where it’s safe. Trust me when I tell you, do not come here. Do not stop here. Do not look at us when you pass us by. Just keep moving. If for some god-awful reason, you have to come here, you bring a gun.

I don’t care if you’re pro or anti-gun, you bring a gun. If you think it seems sketchy, it is sketchy! We Northmaconites are the nights watch. We are the Wardens of the South. We Secure, we contain, and we protect. If you go beyond our reach, not even we can help you…”

Espanola, NM

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“Espanola, NM, is the heroin capital of America. It has 43 drug overdoses per 100,000 people as opposed to the national average of 7 — in a town of 10,000.”

Atlanta Georgia

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“Atlanta Georgia during rush hour, ie, all day long. Spent 6 hours getting from one side of the city to the other using the interstate. Didn’t get out of 1st gear.”

Laredo, TX

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“Laredo, TX. I woke up in the middle of the night to a guy trying to jimmy his way into my truck, and two other guys trying to break into my headache rack. Twice.”

Youngstown, Ohio

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“Youngstown, Ohio. Stopped there for Gas at 10 PM, and all of the gas stations were closed. I found one that had a car at a pump and started to get out to ask him for help, and it turned out that it was a drug deal in progress. I noped the hell right out of there.”

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