Apocalyptic movies often fail to address important problems because they lack diversity of perspective. A netizen recently asked, “What’s a problem that’s never addressed in apocalyptic movies?”. Here’s a list of the top responses.

Dental Care

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“Dental care. How many people would be straight up dying from abscesses, or in pain from screwed-up teeth.”

Mass Grief

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“Mass grief. Depression. Suicide. When most of your loved ones have been eaten by aliens or turned into zombies, I doubt most of us would care to go on.”


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“Disease. Seriously, if most doctors and infrastructure are gone, people would be dying left and right, and zombies or radiation would be the least of their problems.”

Caffeine And Nicotine Withdrawal

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“Caffeine and nicotine withdrawal. After a week, there are going to be a bunch of very grumpy people around. Cigarettes and coffee are going to be valuable exchange items.”

Body Hair For Women

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“Body hair for women. I mean, you will see this woman in rags, covered in dirt, with the stringiest hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed, much less conditioned in a year.

Yet, they have perfect brows and look like they’ve had a full-body wax within the past week. So, they must be doing this somehow.”

There Can’t Be An Ongoing Zombie Apocalypse

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“A zombie will starve eventually, probably in a week or two. Otherwise, their energy of movement is purely magical. Only a few will feed; most will be out of luck.

They will freeze solid in the winter because they’re too dumb to seek shelter. There can’t be an ongoing zombie apocalypse, it will be over in weeks.”

Obtaining Drinkable Water

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“Obtaining drinkable water, often enough to stay hydrated.

IRL this would be your biggest challenge, even greater than food, unless you happen to live in some unspoiled paradise that’s coincidentally free of natural microbes that will make you sick.

There are basically two places like that on Earth, neither of which is ever featured in disaster movies, and both of them are in climates where a dozen things other than water will kill you.”

Charging Their Walkie Talkie Batteries

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“Charging their walkie-talkie batteries. Zombie apocalypse and they always have freshly charged radio batteries that last… forever.

Just once I wanna see someone sit down and stick their radio in a charging cradle.”

One Cannot Travel That Much Without Food Or Water

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“People in movies often travel a lot of distance with next to no food or water on them. If you are on foot you would need a decent amount of calories to sustain your energy.

Also, a good pair of shoes. Your feet would be a mess in no time and you would stink to high heaven.”


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“Sewage. Water treatment would stop and that stinky mess would back up really fast.”

They Never Die Of Infections

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“How they don’t treat open wounds with any anti-bacterial but somehow never die of infection.”

Diabetic Patients’ Lifespans After Apocalypse

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“Persons with diabetes wouldn’t live long after an apocalypse.

Also, depending upon how quickly the end of civilization comes, the thousands of engineers at the world’s over 400 nuclear reactors better get them all shut down safely, and the fuel stored properly and permanently.

Otherwise, there will be hundreds of Chernobyls, worldwide, in just a few weeks. Gasoline goes bad in months, especially the higher the ethanol in it. Better get used to bicycles.”


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“Rats, a tsunami of rats. In an apocalypse, there’s likely going to be a huge amount of food lying around (dead bodies, abandoned stores, etc) and very few predators.

Rats will breed exponentially as long as the food supplies hold out. Also because they breed exponentially, they consume the available food exponentially. Things will go from plenty of food to zero food very, very quickly.

Once the food runs out, they will leave and look for more food in huge waves of starving, diseased, and ravenous rats.”


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“Apocalyptic movies often skip over the issue of repopulation. It’s a delicate, yet crucial topic!”

Prescription Drugs

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“Prescription drugs. How’re you supposed to get that heart medication, pain medication, antidepressants, or insulin?

Raiding pharmacies is only going to get you by for maybe a month or so. Any medication that needs to be refrigerated is gone too. What about your chemo treatments? Or dialysis?

There are 10’s of millions of people in the first week or so.”

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