The gas station has lots of snacks and candies to sell. A user asked the forum, “You walk into a gas station with $10 for snacks; what are your go-to items?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Combos, whatever is in the freezer that looks good, and the 2 for 3$ store brand candies.”


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“Fountain soda. A bag of queso cheese ripple chips, a Kit Kat, a pack of cigarillos, and a scratch-off. I sound like such white trash.”


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“I like to get a vanilla coke, peach rings, and something salty like fungus or white cheddar popcorn.”


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“Swedish fish, combos, a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich & Coke Zero.”


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“Energy drinks and donuts.”


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“Glazers. Kwik trip. Yes, I’m biased.”


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“Sunflower seeds. It helps you stay focused and awake. Plus, a bottle of soda and some gummies.”


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“Beef jerky. Beef jerky is expensive.”


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“A Monster Juice Pipeline Punch & some kind of vanilla frosted snack cake.”


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“If it’s Sheetz, I am getting pastries like whoopie pies, those fancy Rice Krispie snacks, and those chocolate-covered pretzels they sell at the checkout counter. 

If it’s Wawa, I am getting myself an Italian submarine. If it’s 7-11, it’s a Slurpee and two Big Bites with sauerkraut and mustard.”


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“Cheddar Cheese Combos, salted planter peanuts, Goldenberg Peanut Chews (dark chocolate), a bottle of water, and flavored ice tea.”


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“Takis. That is like an addiction for me.”


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“Arizona sweet tea, big peanut butter Grandma’s cookies, some Bugles, and a scratch-off lotto.”


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“A cream soda and a can of BBQ (Barbecue) chips, and if there’s enough left, a Milky Way bar too.”


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“If it’s Wawa, then I’m picking up a sub. If just a regular gas station, then an Arizona tea, chips, a coffee, and snack cakes.”


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“Chili mango, BBQ flavor twist, Fritos, water or cheesy jalapeño hot dogs. Ten years ago, I’d pass a gas station on my drive to work, and I just had to stop and get a couple every day just because I was depressed. I had to stop once my weight started to increase rapidly, and I started having wicked heartburn.”


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“Chex Mix -original and Mountain Dew Code Red.”


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“Cherry Dr Pepper, Skittles, cheap popcorn or Doritos, gummy bears for the kids, and chocolate for my partner.”

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