Men typically hold high expectations for their fellow men, valuing loyalty, trustworthiness, and unwavering support. Additionally, they seek camaraderie with men who exude confidence, possess a good sense of humor, and achieve success in their endeavors.  An internet user recently asked, What do men want from other men? Below are the top 15 things men had to say:

Some Bromance

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“Someone to be an idiot with.” Said one.

“Right on. And in a perfect world, that idiot friend is also someone who you can count on when somethin hits the fan.” Another added.

The Bare Minimum

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“The same things I want from women or anyone else: self-awareness, personal responsibility, and a willingness to critique/be critiqued with equal sincerity and poise. The same things I endeavor to bring to a friendship. Anyone else is not worth my time.”

Beer, BBQ, And Some Meaningless Talks

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“Beer, BBQ, pointless conversation, and silliness.”

“Every man has two fantasies: having a beer and having another beer.”


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“Compliments! Bros need to compliment each other more.” Said one.

“This right here, and for them to understand it’s okay to receive and give compliments to other men.” Another added.

Not Making Everything A Competiton 

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“Just don’t make everything a competition.” Said one.

“It’s going to take a couple more decades for men to unlearn this habit….” Another added.

Privacy In Public Bathrooms

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“Mostly just to leave me alone and don’t make eye contact in a public bathroom.” Said one.

“I’m simple, man….just leave me alone in the public restroom.” Another added.

A Gaming Partner

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“Someone who knows how to lay down covering fire in a 1st person shooting game and how to  call out when they throw a grenade.” Said one.

“If you aren’t calling out your grenades, you’re basically playing for the other team.” Another added.

Support & Understanding

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“I can’t speak for all of me, but sometimes I’m looking for support and understanding. I feel like, as a man even I get wrapped up in the objective outside perspective and really have to remember to try and relate.

Like my dad is being a jerk about how I’m handling my career, I’m hoping for someone who understands that dad-son relationship and the expectations involved. My SO doesn’t acknowledge my hurt feelings. Men’s feelings are often overlooked and dismissed.”

Stop Making Garbage Assumptions

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“Stop automatically assuming I’m cool with your racist, homophobic, or sexist statements. It’s so weird that other guys will assume that I would be alright with the garbage they spout without knowing me. Now I have to deal with your crap instead of just talking about video games or something interesting.”

Lift That DAMN Seat Up

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“To either lift the seat up or not pee all over the seat in public bathrooms.” Said one.

“What’s the deal with guys peeing into the toilet (seat down)? The rest of us won’t shame you for your size, use the urinal.” Another added.

Be There For Their Loved Ones

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“As a father of kids, I want other men to step up, be there for their kids and wife or partner. Provide emotional security and financial if you can and teach your kids to respect themselves and other people.”

Stop Being Creepy

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“Don’t be creepy to women and make them think all men are creeps.”

Dependability & Guidance

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“Dependability, if I had to put it in a word. Guidance too. Can only speak for myself.” Said one.

“Guidance, exactly. This is what men are for to lead and guide the next generation… and make each other laugh.” Another added.

Stop Being A Jerk

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“To control their jerky behavior and their temper and their anger. Generally, men are good at this because other men know how much violence men hold back at all times.

But we’re seeing some disturbances in the Force recently over the last couple of years with sickening misbehavior, and temper and anger will follow, and then there will be violence.”

Understand The Nod Language

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“If a man nods, acknowledging your existence, always return the nod.

Provide him with your ear regarding mental health. Like literally, rip your ear off and give it to your fellow man as a present so he has a fellow man’s ear to talk to.”

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