Your twenties are a time when you start to see the world through your own eyes, for better or for worse. On the one hand, you become wiser and more experienced. On the other hand, you have more opportunities to make foolish decisions.

And unfortunately, most people in their twenties are eager to take advantage of every opportunity, no matter how unwise.

So, What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done in your 20’s? Have a look at the top 10 responses below:

Deny My Abilities And Skills To Be Humble

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“Continually deny my abilities and skills to be humble . after a while i started to believe that i was infact worthless, do nothing be nothing. I hit 30 and it was like a switch went off, I saw everything objectively and turns out I’m a pretty great dude. Turns out mistaking self doubt for humility.”

Not Get Proper Mental Health Help

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“Not get proper mental health help. I was working full time and trying to go to school and medical stuff was just not on my mind or my budget. I got diagnosed with bipolar at 30 and I think of all that would have been better if I would have been diagnosed earlier. I flunked out of many college classes in my 20s because of cycling mania/depression and I often think if it would have been controlled better or hell, if I would have known even, I would have done better in school and actually have a degree right now.”

Not Contributing To Company’s Matching 401k

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“Decided against contributing to my company’s matching 401k. Cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said one.

“This can’t be stressed enough.  If your company matches 401k contributions, the best thing you can do is contribute up to their match.  That is an instant 100% return on your investment.

Social Security benefits will not be enough for you to retire comfortably, and when you’re over 50 it gets tough to find work that pays more than minimum wage.  Make saving a priority now. The sooner, the better because it is a cruel world for unprepared retirees.” another added.

Not Cultivating Exercise Routines

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“Everyone wants to hear about dumb stuff like driving eight hours to get with someone you liked only for it to end up being a booty call.

However, I think it was my general lack of effort to build any good habits like exercise. Your body likes routines, and my routine of gaming for 15 hours a day was not one I should have cultivated.”

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Not Taking Oral Health Seriously

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“I’m 21 now and need to take out a few teeth because I thought nothing could happen.”  said one. 

“This. Take care of your teeth, kiddos.  You’re better off getting an insurance checkup than losing teeth and being afraid of going back, afraid of root canals, etc.” replied another.

Working Hard Until Being Burnt Out

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“Worked way too hard and burnt out. Sacrificed family time. Sacrificed health. Need to peace yourself at 20-30.” said one. 

“Yeah, this. I became chronically ill in my early 20s, and now in my early 30s, I’m beginning to accept that I’m never getting better. It wasn’t my fault, but man, I wonder if it would be as bad if I’d learned to relax…” replied another.

Begging To Be Loved

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“I’m still in my early 20’s, and feel like this is what I’ve been doing. The worst part is that other people are good at detecting desperation so they move away from you, which hurts more.”

Moving In With Someone Without Knowing Their Preferences

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“Moved in with a girlfriend before finding out more about her preferences. We had been dating for a year, but I didn’t realize how much of a problem she had sharing until we lived together.

We did for five years and never shared a bedroom, had everything split down the middle, including the pantry and fridge; even when it came to spices, she insisted on me getting my own. She hated that I would be in the same room as her unless it were under “her terms.”

Whenever I asked to make our relationship more of a shared experience, I was gaslit into believing I was wrong for not allowing boundaries. She moved out a month ago, and I couldn’t believe how quickly my mental health improved simply by not having that toxic influence around anymore.”

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Taking Powerlifting WAY Too Seriously

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“I took powerlifting way too seriously. I spent 7 years in gyms for hours every day, skipping every social occasion and holiday. I didn’t get as strong as I wanted to. I just got all sorts of physical issues to deal with for the rest of my life now.” said one. 

“I am very sorry if this sounds insensitive, but I’m honestly thankful for this example because as important and beneficial exercise is, I think people go way too far when they paint it as the solution to everything, ESPECIALLY mental health issues and not having a social life. It’s all about balance.” another added.

Getting Addicted To Drugs

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“Fell into a debilitating drug addiction. I have 26 months sober on the 5th!” Said one. 

“Same man, same. Wasted a lot of my late teens and early 20s with drugs and rehab. But now I’m eight years sober. Though I’ve done medication therapy for several of those years. Still, I’ve built a life and am about to start a family.” replied another.

Not Treating Depression Sooner

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“Not getting help for my depression sooner. I spent the entire first half of my 20s in the darkest place I can imagine, and all I needed to feel better was some meds once a day” said one. 

“I got diagnosed bipolar 1 when I was 33. I immediately researched it and could only think, well, I was bipolar.” Another added.

Engaging In Toxic Relationships

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“Got into a half-hearted relationship and wasted three years of my life,” said one. 

“My best friend wasted 8. His entire 20s. We all knew it was gonna end ugly, and we told him 100 times, but he wouldn’t have it. They broke up when he was 29” another added.

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