While we all have diverse tastes and interests, some simply baffle us, leaving us wondering what others find appealing about them. A user asked the forum, what is something you simply can’t understand why people enjoy? and this is quite relatable:

Watching Trashy Dating Shows

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“My coworkers are all obsessed with watching trashy dating shows. I cannot comprehend why anyone would care so much about all these superficial gold diggers and their manufactured drama.”


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“Hunting, killing an animal for “the fun” of it its just awful.”

Obnoxiously Loud Videos

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Some people find obnoxiously loud videos entertaining, while others find them unfunny and annoying. 

“Videos of people being obnoxiously loud in a pathetic attempt at being funny. Loud is not funny.” said one.

“There are a couple of YouTube channels where I enjoy their content, but they are so loud, not just with how they talk but also how they do things. Banging things on the table, being clumsy because it’s supposed to be funny.” another shared.

Harmful YouTube Prank Videos

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“Videos of YouTubers annoying, harassing, or terrorizing random people. Pranks are supposed to have a tongue-in-cheek element where both people leave with joy about what happened.

I don’t understand the mindset of enjoying a situation that just left the victims stressed out and upset. It just worsens the world, and the guys making these videos seem like bullies to me more often than not.

The comments are already 90% pointing out that people are not your props and that they have it coming if something happens to the YouTuber. But people still tune in. Go figure it out.” said one.

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Bullfighting is a controversial sport that involves torturing and killing a bull for the entertainment. Many people find it cruel and brutal, and it can be a disturbing experience for those who witness it.

“It is a true stain on humanity. Torturing a poor beast for fun.” said one.

“Went to go see bullfighting in Spain when I was backpacking in Europe, and it was awful. Bullfighting in Spain, rooster fighting in Mexico, and dog fighting in the southern USA are 3 of my top 5 worst experiences while traveling. Nothing fun about any of it.” another said

TikTok Dance Videos

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Some people find TikTok dance videos silly or unappealing!

“Most of the videos I’ve seen are pretty stupid. At least to me anyway.” said one.

“We’ve all seen the videos of people dancing for Tiktok in random places: shopping malls, aisles in Costco, parking lots, beaches, hotel lobbies, etc.

I need to understand to who this content appeals. Who is going online and then watching people, even their friends they know, do a random dance in an unexpected place? What do you get from that content?

It isn’t funny because they are being serious about the dance, and it isn’t creative because it’s a dance they have memorized.” another said.

Phone Addiction

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“Wasting time on their phone. I do it, too, and I freaking hate it. All the time wasted here and on my phone, in general, could be used to grind towards my dreams, but no, this is the easiest way.” a user said.

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Being Pregnant

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Some women find pregnancy to be a difficult and uncomfortable experience, while others may enjoy the process of bringing a new life into the world.

“I’ve heard many women talk about how wonderful it is. I am not a fan of the experience at all. The amount of discomfort and pain I experience daily, along with nausea, and how my entire lifestyle has had to be adjusted.” said one.

“I’ve done it twice. It’s horrible. I hate pregnancy, but I love babies. I told my husband if we were rich, we could use a surrogate for our third and final child.” another added.


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“Gossip at work, for example, can ruin people’s lives. It’s terrible, and I’ve seen it happen more than once, and it’s literal psychological violence.” a user said.

Another said, “Who cares what Shelia or brad’s kids are doing? Mind your own business.” 


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Trolling is a negative behavior that involves intentionally provoking or upsetting others online. It can create unnecessary conflict and harm relationships.

“Trolling online, for example, griefing or purposefully making people mad. Why do they do it? Seems like a net loss in happiness to me, like taxes on allowance.” said one.

“Yeah, most of the time, trolling is just being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk or having controversial or messed up opinions just to start an argument, and when an argument starts, it’s more a yelling match than anything else.” another added.


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Some people cannot comprehend why others would continue working even after winning the lottery. They would rather travel, explore hobbies, and do anything besides a job.

“100% agree. Having a convo with a group of friends, and 6 out of 8 said they would still work and have a job, in some capacity, if they won a mega lottery. LIKE WHAAAT?! I just do not understand this. Travel the world.

Try every hobby you always thought looked fun. I can think of 8484892 things I would rather do than show up at a job, even an easy one. It turns out I was in the minority. The other one was my fiance, lol.” a user said.

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Even though most people end up losing, the thrill of potentially winning money leaves many unable to understand the enjoyment.

“It’s designed in a way so the vast majority of people will just lose money.” a user said.

“For most people, you go there to spend money, and the back and forth of winning/losing money is part of the enjoyment/thrill. You can play the lowest-end slot machines for hours without spending much money, and some people enjoy the activity, regardless of the outcome.” another added.

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