Some people boast about the strangest things, so strange that it is absurd to brag about them. A netizen recently asked, “What are the dumbest things people take pride in?”. Below are the top responses.

Criminal Charges

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“I remember growing up with kids who would brag about having court dates and charges against them thinking it made them savage. I’m glad I can say I’m not in contact with any of them now.”

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder

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“OCD. Mainly because the ones who brag about it are the ones who don’t have OCD in the first place.”


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“How much of a weird or different person they are from everyone else. I don’t mind if they’re generally keeping to themselves about it, I just hate when they’re like ‘Oh yeah I’m so weird I do this and that’ or whatever, it just comes across as annoying and that you’re trying too hard.”

Working Too Hard

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“Working too hard and acting like some kind of martyr about it.

I don’t mean simply taking pride in your job, but feeling superior to others because you frequently clock unpaid overtime or work far too hard for far too little.

In my opinion, there is nothing virtuous about that (unless you’re working as a volunteer for a soup kitchen or as a paramedic saving lives or something else of that nature – then at least you’re driven by a good cause).”

Parents’ Wealth

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“This generally only applies to teenagers, but how much money their parents have. That’s not something to boast about. It’s not your money. You didn’t earn it. You’re just a brat.”

Not Being ‘Mainstream’

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“I don’t appreciate the people who take pride in not being ‘mainstream’ and who shun everything that is. Just because a lot of people like something… Is not a good reason not to.”

Doing Drugs

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“Doing drugs. People are blatantly proud of how much they smoke, drink, and party but have nothing else going for them.”

Not Being On Facebook

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“Not being on Facebook. You’re not some high-class sophisticate just because you deleted your profile, and bragging about it just makes you look like a snot.”

How Much Their Purchases Cost

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“How much their purchases cost. Great job bro, you just bought a mediocre $30 fried chicken dinner; for that price, I can get buckets of yummy thighs and drumsticks at the hole-in-the-wall in the bad part of town.

It goes both ways too; people who talk about how *little* they spend is equally annoying.”

Getting Too Little Sleep

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“This is the first one in the thread I think I actually hate. I have a lot of friends that are engineering majors, and they think it’s the coolest thing in the world when they get 2 hours of sleep. Just because they can’t manage their time or are slow as hell, working doesn’t make them any cooler.”

How Many People They’ve Slept With

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“This bugs me to my core! Congrats on succumbing to the most basic human instinct. I would much rather hear someone brag about how great of a relationship they’ve been able to maintain.”


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“Stubbornness, as if it’s the ultimate form of staying true to yourself by being a closed-minded jerk.”

Making Babies

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“Making babies. Don’t get me wrong, babies are adorable little sacks of precious. I do think that you need to shut up about the fact that you were able to make one.

It literally takes a couple of thrusts and a handful of chromosomes coupled with a poorly timed pulling out to do what you did. You are not special for it.”

Not Knowing Something

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“Not knowing something. Lack of intelligence/unwillingness to learn is and never was a good thing in any sense.”

Their Religion Or Their Atheism

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“Their religion or their atheism. I don’t care if you think you know what happens when we die. I’m not dying or dead so go away.”

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