The cost of owning a car can vary widely depending on where you live in the United States. Some states offer lower taxes, fees, and insurance rates, while others have higher fuel, maintenance, and repair costs. A user asked the forum, “The best and worst state to own a car?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“I just got back from Michigan. Beautiful state, but the cars there have seen some things.”


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“I’m not sure if it’s the worst, but I would not want to be a car owner in Virginia. It’s pretty pricey. You have to pay tax that’s a percentage of your car’s worth.”


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“Nashville has a bunch of city trucks that can be converted into snow plows at night, and they always treat the roads in Nashville. A mixture of brine and beet juice.

There is a salt barn for Interstate 40 that I drive by every day between Nashville and Lebanon, and there is a salt barn about every 100 miles between Memphis and the NC state line on I 40.”


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“No safety and emissions inspections

You can call me a nanny state liberal, but that’s not a benefit.”


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“I agree on safety, but emissions are a bit iffy when cars get older, and some stupid little thing trips the check engine light.”


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“There is no “safety” inspection here in California.

Although front plates are required I haven’t put them on the last three cars I’ve owned and never been pulled over or cited for it.

So many awesome things in California are easily reached by car. I can be at a concert in Hollywood, the beach, the mountains, or the desert in 2 hours. I can be in Vegas, San Diego, or the Bay Area in just over 4 hours.”


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“Also dishonorable mention to states with property taxes on cars like Kentucky and South Carolina.”


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“Washington causes great scenic drives.”


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“Cause it can be challenging for car owners because of its harsh winters. The extreme cold and heavy snow can make driving a real challenge. Road salt and ice can be rough on your car’s paint and undercarriage. So, if you don’t like dealing with cold weather and potential car damage, North Dakota might not be your top choice.”


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“It’s nice to have a car in Texas.”


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“I’m old enough to remember the bad old days when the air in downtown L.A. was like somebody’s cat taken into an ashtray. It was terrible, and there is no way in hell we are returning to that. Not happening.”


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“Delaware is tough because so few insurance companies underwrite. Expensive insurance with little competition.”


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“PA isn’t a bad place to own a car. Registration is $41/yr, and insurance is cheap outside of the major cities.”


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“You know that safety inspections prevent people from having needle accidents, right? Sure, some can be over the top, but most are a good way to keep Uncle Tommy from driving the truck he found in the woods.”


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“NJ is worst for insurance costs.

But it’s excellent that vehicle inspections are free and that I never have to pump my gas while here.”

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