Have you ever tried something new and been surprised at how much you enjoyed it? It happens to all of us. We may have preconceived notions about certain things, but sometimes it takes trying them to see if we like them. A user asked the forum, “What’s one thing you didn’t think you liked until you tried it?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“I just started hitting the gym and finished week one today. Almost skipped today to watch TV and eat junk food, but I finished it out, and I was smiling and laughing on the way home. Weirdly, doing things that are good for us makes us happy, but we don’t like doing those things.

The idea of junk food was so good until I started working out, and it sounded horrible after. I still let myself cheat today on some McDonald’s, though it’s cool to see my body shifting to not wanting that.”


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“Remembered not liking them as a little kid. I was stoned and hungry one night at my parents as a teenager, and all they had was frozen Brussels sprouts.

I just boiled them and ate them with salt and garlic powder. It wasn’t bad. Tried them again, adequately sautéed and seasoned. Love those things now.”


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“Was repulsed by the look, smell, texture, and ingredients for years. Tried some basic ones at a high-quality sushi restaurant and fell in love. Years later, I still can’t believe I like it.”


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“Hummus as a kid. Looks like nasty poops. Tastes pretty good.”


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“Greek food. What a fool I was. I knew it was supposed to be good, like the best food in the world, but I didn’t expect it to be that good.”


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“I didn’t try it until I was somewhere in my 40s. Could kick myself for missing that deliciousness for so many years.”


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“Ran from them for years until one day I tried beef stroganoff. Didn’t even notice them until after I had eaten a full plate. Now, I use them in basically everything I cook. Sometimes, ignorance is NOT bliss. Mushrooms are bomb.”


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“Spicy foods in general. When I was younger, people always told me, “Be careful, it’s spicy,” so I was afraid to eat it. Once I tried it, I craved it all the time. Spicy food is so good.”


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“I was one of those haters who refused to buy those ugly things. Became a lifeguard, and somehow all the water shoes were uglier. Anyway, I have so many pairs now.

Almost Everyone I know hated Crocs and swore never to wear them because they were so ugly. They even made fun of me when I turned to the dark side. Every single one of them has Crocs now. My boyfriend, my boyfriend’s mom, my sisters, four of my friends.”


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“Looks like bird poop, tastes like cheese.

There are lots of good ideas in here for yummy cottage cheese things. I’ll add one I haven’t seen yet. Add it into mashed potatoes.”


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“It’s now my favorite food lol.

I wanted to try something new for my 37th birthday. My girlfriend and I went to an Indian restaurant. The guy told us, “Trust me. Get the chicken curry. If you don’t like it, I’ll make you whatever you want, but trust me.” He was not wrong.”


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“I bet that 99% of people who refuse to eat anchovies on pizza have never tried it. That’s mine.”


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“I thought they were gross as a kid, and then I had them as a teen and realized they’re amazing.”


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“In high school, a friend wanted to go to Six Flags for his birthday, so I went along. I warned everyone that I don’t think I like rollercoasters.

They said we’ll start on the easiest one. Little did I know it was one of the crazier ones. And I loved it. I was all in after that. And thank God because I don’t see how that birthday trip would have gone if I hated it.”


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“Used to think they looked gross til I tried, then instant addiction.”


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The dare program scared the crap out of me, thinking if I took one hit, it would rapidly lead to hard drugs and a wasted life. It’s my favorite way to relax.”

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