There is a wide range of qualities that men look for in their partners, and it is fascinating to explore the different perspectives and opinions on this topic.

A user asked the forum, “What exactly does a man look for when looking to date a woman?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“In my opinion, Stability, Affection, Loyalty, and a sense of humor are the main traits I look for. Basically, I need to be able to depend on you, to trust you, to be able to laugh with you, and to feel desired and wanted.”


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“The biggest thing I look for is kindness. Suppose she talks badly about people who are regular people going about their day. I can’t be near that. After that, we need equality in care and love for each other.”


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“Someone who is authentic and lets me be my authentic self.”


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“I wanted her to be beautiful to my eyes, to be intelligent and interesting, respect me, and care about me. Took me 36 years, but I found her.”


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“Conflict resolution skills.”


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“I mainly look for smart and caring women.”


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“A few things that attract me: Intelligence, communication, stability, affection, understanding and most importantly, compatibility with me and my life as I would be with hers.

Edit: As far as physical attractions, I’m really not all that picky. Do I have some standards? Yeah. I feel most people do. But the biggest part of playing how I view you physically is connection.

Edit 2: One more thing, honestly, I need someone who is into exercise, or at least just not a homebody. I can’t stand sitting at home all day. It’d be nice if we could bike together or go to the gym or just enjoy the outside.”


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“Lots of laughing, witty sarcasm, great music taste, and a gaze that can see into the little creases of my soul. Thought it was too much to ask for until I met her.”


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“I personally wanted nice, genuinely nice, sense of humor, showing concern/compassion for others, not being completely self-centered, someone who wanted a partner. Someone to share life with.

It also helps to have a good rational capacity. This isn’t gender-related (I’m not saying women are not rational; quite a few humans are not, regardless of gender). But a person who will take the time to let their brain do some work instead of always responding with emotions first is a big green flag.”


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“I look for intelligence, well-read, open-minded (open to new ideas and opinions) calls me out on my shortcomings, tells me when I’m pushing it. Someone who understands what it means to date an extreme introvert.

Sense of humor: the filthier, the better, corny, doesn’t make malicious fun of me when I sing way off key. Someone who understands private relationships is private, and I do not want my personal information shared on social media.

But I think the answer that most men would give if they were being honest is the number one thing they’re looking for in an attractive woman.

** Low expectations **”


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“Every person has different things they look for.

I like someone who is good at conversation, who gives me lots of attention, who is loyal to me, who respects me, and who enjoys my company.”


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“Looks matter to an extent, but so does intelligence, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, trust, sense of humor, engaging conversation, similar values, similar interests, chemistry, and similar life goals. It’s about finding the right match.

There are lots of great people out there who would not be a great match with each other. Men who are looking for a lifetime partner want someone who meshes with them, as do women, I assume.

No one will crush every trait I listed above, but my wife comes pretty darn close. Actually, she crushes most of them. That is why we have been together for 34 years. It’s generally pretty darn fun.”


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“Every man is different, so there won’t be any one-size-fits-all answers. I was pretty open about the details. The (few) women in my dating history were physically very different from each other and came from three different ethnicities. My only requirements were genuine interest in our relationship and good personal chemistry with me.

My life was a lonely one before I met my wife. She makes me feel valued and wanted in ways I never had before. That, more than anything else, was what drew me to her in the first place and then ultimately made me want to marry her.”


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“General quality of a human being. Decent look, willing and capable to learn, can and does take care of self and others. Compassion and empathy.”


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“Someone who could be my best friend, like in terms of hobbies and mindset, and most of all, mutual attraction.”

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