Christmas is the best time to make people feel important and loved by giving meaningful gifts. But some people had the worst experience receiving cheap gifts. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?” Here are the top responses. 


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“My husband’s stepmother gave me, a 36-year-old at the time, a kindergarten-size backpack, and when I opened it, she said, ‘I bought that for a child a few years ago, and she hated it, so I threw it in a closet, and I saw it and thought you’d like it. None of us did; we all think it’s ugly.’

That same year, they gave my three kids gifts totaling $15 with clearance stickers while her biological granddaughter opened a $300 unicorn. 

They made sure we knew it cost $300, and then they pointed out to everyone our clearance stickers and what great deals they were (they weren’t), and then they made my kids leave the room so the granddaughter could take pictures alone with her unicorn. It was the last Christmas we visited them.”


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“Grandma got me a dollar store electric toothbrush. You all know that thing didn’t even turn on.”


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“When I was 12, I bought myself a Kindle. My sister and I spent an entire summer working for our grandpa and stepdad to save up for them, each spending about $ 200. My mom got all 3 of my brothers a Kindle for Christmas, and I got some clothes from Old Navy.

I was livid, and when I talked to my mom about it, she told me that my sister and I had been excluding our brothers from hanging out while we played video games, which was unfair. 

She never apologized or saw anything wrong with what she did, and I honestly still haven’t forgiven her almost a decade later.”


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“A dishtowel. I was eight years old.”


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“When I was ten, my grandparents gave me an unwrapped suitcase for Christmas. In the interests of convenience, they used that suitcase for the wrapped presents for my sisters.”


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“The year I gave my ex-husband a Tag Heuer watch, he gave me a $19.99 Walmart blender. We already had three blenders.”


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“A set of miniature butter knives with ceramic fruit and vegetables as the handles. From an aunt who said that I was ‘So hard to shop for.’

I was 7.”


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“A comic book lying around the house for several months, which I read twice. I didn’t know it was supposed to be my surprise present.”


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“A Lamborghini calendar. My brother got a guitar. My two sisters each got a bike. I hate Lamborghinis now.”


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“My mom asked what my 13-year-old daughter wanted for Christmas, and I said, ‘She likes to sew.’ I do not know how this led to our extended family buying her nothing but yarn; I do not know. That was two years ago, and there’s still so much yarn.”


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“My deadbeat dad brought a nine-year-old girl me motel shampoo and an adult men’s shirt he got for free. I wish I was joking.”


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“Titanic CD (Compact Disc), pirated copy, already seen it twice, didn’t have a case, just had Titanic written in marker pen, it didn’t belong to the person who gifted it, the CD was scratched and didn’t even play!”


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“A pack of cigarettes and a roll of trash bags. I don’t smoke.”


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“Every year, my aunt gives our family ‘Thrift Santa’ gifts, like a bunch, from thrift stores. The thing is, nothing relates to anything. The worst I’ve gotten is among a Kama Sutra book when I was 13/14 (awkward) and a New York Yankees baby onesie. I don’t have kids; I don’t watch baseball.”


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“Started loving computers at age 7 in 92 (ZX Spectrum and then 186, 286, etc.) at our local kid’s club, kept on going, learned to code early, was addicted to everything related to them. Grandma called me and told me she had sent money to my parents to buy me a Personal Computer ( at 11, in 96). 

I was so excited; all my friends could not wait to see it and play with me. I could not sleep for days on end. Then Christmas Eve came ( we do the gifts in the evening). I rushed under the tree and was surprised. I got a mobile electronic organ player.

My mom told me, ‘It has buttons, right? Just like a computer.’ She took the money and bought an automatic washing machine. I’m still upset, Mom!”


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“A box of top ramen. It’s just a standard grocery box of ramen bags. It was wrapped up with a nice bow and was not gifted as a joke. My family knew I was having financial troubles and only ate one meal a day; they honestly thought they were helping me out.”


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“Last year, my mom. I bought myself a can opener. She wrapped it and gave it to me when everyone was gathered around exchanging gifts, too, so they all saw and shared in her laughter. Unfortunately, she was the only one who found it funny; everyone else thought it was messed up.”

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