Life is unpredictable, and life-changing events can happen to anyone. Have you experienced any life-changing events that may seem unbelievable?

A user asked the forum, “What’s something that’s happened to you that sounds fake but (unfortunately) isn’t?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“In 1986, my parents planned a trip to Disney in FL; a random man tried to kidnap my half-brother by snatching him and running. He was tackled, my brother was safely returned to us, and nothing happened to the guy as he disappeared into the crowd.

Fast forward to 1989, in Ohio, at a pop-up circus in a field, I was given a chance to go get popcorn. A man dressed as a clown approached me and, after several long minutes of small talk, grabbed me. Bystanders saw the ordeal, and a random man with exquisite side burns chased down this man who had thrown me into his pickup truck and gunned it.

Mr. Sideburns and another man were able to pull him from the vehicle and stop the truck as it rolled into a parking lot and hit several parked vehicles. I was fine, other than some forehead scrapes from hitting the dash.

The clown was not a circus performer or associated with the circus. He was an opportunistic predator. I can’t even say which of these two events is the worst part of my childhood.”


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“I was riding my bike around my apartment building as a kid. Ran into some bullies from school.

Now, as a kid, I had a problem with shutting up; I had no idea how, so I annoyed them.

I was riding my bike as fast as possible to get away from them (They were also on bikes) when I got something on the ground and went flying.

A few things to note:

  1. I was a tiny little girl, like 70 pounds tops.
  2. I was poor, so my bike was used, a bit rusty, and, most importantly, missing handlebar grips.
  3. The combination of speed, my weight, and whatever I hit launched me more up than forward.

So I hit something, the bike fell on its side, and then I fell on the bike.

Felt like it knocked the wind out of me, and I knew it had to be bad because one of the bullies pedaled away as fast as possible.

The other one helped me home and said that this doesn’t make us friends on the way. Left our bikes where they were. I didn’t care; my midsection hurt where I landed.

Got home, and my mom turned to greet me and practically screamed that I was bleeding.

I looked down and realized that I was bleeding a lot from my stomach and fainted.

I woke up at the hospital later to find out that I had landed on a bike handle, which had impaled me through my midsection about halfway through.

Missed my organs just barely and left me with a neat scar and a story no one believes until they see the scar.”


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“I lived in a small, quiet town, and my house was in a cul-de-sac, so all the neighbors knew each other, and we all got along well.

One night, when I was about 12 years old, I was babysitting my baby brothers (twins). It was bedtime, so we were lying in my mom’s bed watching a movie to wind down. Suddenly, they both start whining that they want chocolate milk.

I was super annoyed because I just wanted them to go to sleep so I could be off the clock, so to speak.

Just as we walked through the doorway and out of the bedroom, I heard what sounded like firecrackers going off in the bedroom we just left.

I peeked my head back in the doorway and heard a couple more. It sounded like it was coming from the closet, which was about a foot away from me at this point. I called my mom and told her what happened and that I was scared. We didn’t go back in the room until she got home.

Once she was home, we discovered several bullet holes throughout the bedroom- in the walls, in the closet door, and one in the corner of the TV- so we called the cops.

They figured out that our neighbor had been doing some target practice in his garage (and drinking), and his garage wall faced our house. So the bullets entered my mom’s bedroom through the wall, just a few inches above her bed, which had no headboard.

Right, where our heads had been while we were lying there watching the movie. If those little munchkins hadn’t bothered me for chocolate milk at that exact moment, things could have been very different.”


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“A huge tree branch fell through the roof in my bedroom during a storm, and about a minute after that, a couple of raccoons fell into my room.”


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“I was hit in the head by a bowling ball on a trampoline. 911 hung up on my cousin because they thought it was a prank.”


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“There’s a lamb that hates me and goes out of its way to kick only me when I visit my father’s farm.”


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“My grandmother prevented the neighbor boy from kidnapping our next-door neighbor.

Our house was at the bus stop. I woke up sick that morning and didn’t go to school. Grandma was the neighborhood grandma and kept an eye on the kids who were at the stop every morning.

She was watching the girl at the corner (she was the only one riding that morning), looked back, and she was gone. He was dragging her across our backyard with a knife to her throat.

My grandma ran at him, screaming and throwing rocks at him while I called the cops. She won citizen of the year in our city.”


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“I got hit by lightning while driving my car down the interstate. Completely killed the computer system and totaled the car out.”


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“Years ago, I broke my right foot. After 6 weeks in a boot, I was leaving the orthopedist office boot-free. Just me and my own two feet, raw dogging the ground. I was so excited to drive home now that I was out of that damn boot.

And then, on the way to the car, I stepped off the curb, rolled my left ankle, and broke it.”


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“Not me, but my uncle. He was in Jamaica when his wife, who was doing fitness classes, died due to a perforated bowel from a meal at the resort, and the authorities drove him to an ATM and told him he was going to be suspect #1 if he didn’t pay them and he’ll never have his wife repatriated to the US.

He complied, and they took him back to the resort; unbeknownst to him, T-Pain was also there and caught wind of the situation and worked magic with his connections to keep my uncle safe and bring my aunt home for a funeral, as well as providing his bodyguard protection to my uncle.

To this day, almost two decades later, they will video chat on holidays like Easter to talk, and in my view, that man is a saint to our family. Anytime he’s in town, they’ll meet backstage before one of his concerts, and they’ll have a big hug.

One time, he met his family. I will never forget the kindness this man has shown over DECADES, and it’s insane.”


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“I (15 at the time) was traveling in a foreign country with my sister (26). We stayed at a local hotel. My period came, and I got a little bit on the sheets the first night. Housekeeping came and cleaned as usual; nothing was mentioned.

A few days passed, and when we were checking out, they asked to see our passports again. I guess we thought they just needed to double-check their guest registry to update it. Once the passports were in his hand, the front desk person (male) got really angry with us and began yelling at us for “making a mess” in the hotel.

At first, we had no idea what he was talking about because we are very tidy travelers. He just kept yelling that we “made trouble” for him. He then proceeded to ask housekeeping to bring out the evidence, and guess what? They proceeded TO BRING OUT THE UNWASHED SHEETS (wtf?). No idea where they had stored it.

A nice young Australian couple witnessed the whole thing. The lady muttered, “It’s just a few spots; can’t you just wash it?” He yelled at them to stay out of it, and they fell silent. He even asked who made the mess (my sister said she did).

15-year-old me felt like I had done something criminally wrong. My sister “paid him for the sheets” and got our passports back so we could leave.”


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“Not mine but a friend’s story.

When she was about five or so, she was at CVS with her dad when someone robbed the store.

While the robber is pointing a gun and yelling at everyone to get on the ground, her dad, being an Asian man born in Asia, says, “Happy Halloween” because he thought it was a costume. This happened in November.”


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“I was thrown off a motorcycle on the interstate when I was 22 months old. Yes, MONTHS. My parents thought I was dead because my head was ripped open (skull, too), but they took me to the hospital anyway. ETA: This happened in the Midwest US on an interstate.”


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“I have randomly come across not one but two people attempting or about to attempt suicide. Didn’t know either of them; both are totally different locations. Both times, I was just living my normal life, and then suddenly, I was trying to stop suicide.

The ambulance came and got the one. The other one, after a very long talk down, ended up taking off upon realizing I had dialed 911 so the operator could hear what was going on.”


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“My childhood best friend’s mom passed away by drowning. My best friend then died a couple of months later by being hit by an 18-wheeler on the side of the road; her father died a few months later from throat cancer.

Lost my entire second family in under a year due to unrelated incidents. It’s been seven years, and I’m still not over it.”

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