Society has a profound impact on everyone’s life, both positively and negatively. Social norms can be complex and challenging to navigate. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is one thing you don’t understand about society?”, and here are the top responses. 


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“Nowadays, people are never alone, but always lonely”, said one user.


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“The way people judge others by their social media presence”, said one user.

“Why do people pretend to have a life, on social media, they don’t have in reality?”, said another user. 


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“Everyone wants to be famous because people desperately want to be liked and appreciated by other people and to some, fame is the epitome of both.

In reality, though, fame beyond a certain threshold comes with drawbacks too severe for most people to keep their sanity, let alone stay true to themselves.”, said one user. 


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“Everyone has “social anxiety” now and just can’t function in any situations that are slightly uncomfortable. People have been uncomfortable in social situations forever, we adjusted and adapted and became comfortable.

I just don’t understand why we as a society have started thinking that everyone else needs to pander to our personal preferences.”, said one user.


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“I don’t understand how it’s possible that someone who works hard and honestly for 40 years can still struggle in their retirement years, while these “insta-celebs” shamelessly make a lot of money by building a false reality that creates a negative feeling in millions of people because we “ordinary individuals” are not attractive enough, fashionable enough, wealthy enough, or able to travel to exotic places, etc.

And what’s worse is that this is considered “JOB or WORK” in 2023.


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“Why can’t people respect other people’s opinions? You don’t have to like or agree with their opinions but don’t be so disrespectful”, said one user.

“How people can’t be understanding and cordial when their opinions differ. I have friends who will disagree with me all the time on certain topics but that’s who they are. I wouldn’t be friends with that person if they weren’t who they are!”, said another user.

“Why can’t people just disagree on something anymore? Everything has to turn into a huge debate.”, said another user.


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“We should be past this by now. Everybody should be treated equally and fairly regardless of sex, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity. None of that should matter.”, said one user. 


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“The stuff the newer generations find entertaining scare me and how they behave too.

If watching TikTok all day and then doing those ridiculously dumb TikTok dances and Fortnite dances in public, unironically, is what you consider normal, then I don’t know what to say!”, said one user.


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“Why can’t people seem to wrap their heads around the basic truth that: Cooperation leads to way more success than competition ever could.”, said one user.


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“Why are wars still acceptable in modern society? Listen to any person including authorities — war is deemed bad and harmful.

Yet the wars and military conflicts are over the world and no sign of them ending any time soon.”, said one user.


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“Why do people spend 12 plus hours in front of a screen, rarely go outside, dislike exercise, don’t hang out with friends and family, and then wonder why their mental health is affected”, said one user.

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