Certain things can be terrible for your physical health but incredibly soothing for your mental health. An internet user asked, “What’s horrible for your physical health but great for your mental health?”. Let’s look at the top responses below!


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“A day doing nothing except sitting on the couch, watching four or five bad movies, eating absolute nonsense like pizza for meals and junk food in between, and drinking just enough to be buzzed all day, starting before afternoon.”


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“Carbohydrates, not necessarily horrible for your health but bad in excess, are a great way to boost serotonin.” 


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“Not exercising. People always say that exercising is great for your mental health. That’s not true for me. I’m not too fond of it. Sometimes, I want to rest on the couch. But the second I stop, my health deteriorates pretty fast.”


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“Weed. There isn’t a day that goes by where I can stay away. So good for the brain!” 


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“Extensive therapy sessions on a folding chair.”


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“This is like a cheat code that you just did. Of course, they are going to make you feel good, and because it is medication, it is not going to be good for your physical health. I think the correlation is apparent between them.” 


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“Unfortunately, I need nicotine not to be depressed and anxious all the time. I relapsed after a year of going cold turkey, and I’m hooked on it again. My mental health has gotten so much better, but now I can feel the same nonsense that made me quit in the first place. 

I guess it’s not as bad as cigarettes, but I’m addicted. I will try to quit again, but I need to find something healthy to replace it with that doesn’t leave me sad and stressed.” 


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“Sugar. It is probably the most significant drug ever invented, and people do not even realize that it is absolutely in everything. Also, the thing about it is that it also makes people high.” 


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“Socializing with friends when it involves drink or substances. The latter two things can be bad for mental health, but sometimes a big party or night out can help me personally and give you nice memories to remember.” 


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“General Tso’s Chicken,” a user said.

“I mean, how can you even say no to that? If I had the option, I am never going to say no to that. It is just something which is always going to be a yes for me,“ another added. 


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“For me, cigarettes. I miss them so much!”.


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“In the long run? Running on a treadmill. It kills the knees, but I’ve found that running helps me clear my head. I’ve since started using an elliptical machine.”


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“Fast food. It’s my go-to pick me up but also responsible for weight gain.” 


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“For me personally, I love the fizz of a carbonated drink like soda, and I hate the taste of sparkling water!” 


1. playing video games
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“Gaming for over 24 hours straight with no sleep or exercise/bathroom breaks.” 

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