How can hosts deal with guests who overstep their boundaries and behave inappropriately?

A user asked the forum, “What’s the rudest thing a guest has ever done in your home?”. Let’s have a look at the top responses.


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“I put on a dinner party for the people from work once. I made it a “taco night” by supplying all the ingredients for tacos and letting everyone make their own (kind of a buffet).

One of the guests literally put his dirty, unwashed hands in the grated cheddar and transferred ALL of it to his plate, leaving nothing for anyone else. Totally gross. That was the last time I entertained with food for my “colleagues.”


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My sister and her husband visited our home and stayed there while they went to Magic Mountain amusement park, which is nearby. They came and went while we were away on vacation.

When we got back, they had drunk all of our alcoholic beverages, including a whiskey imported from Europe but not available in the US, let their dogs poop in the house and throughout the yard w/o cleaning up afterward, and made off with my entire fabric stash.

I had foolishly told my sister that she could take “some” of my fabric to use to make the costumes for her historic re-enactment club. They will never be invited back, ever. I have forbidden my husband to even inform them if I die. I simply do not want them around, even if I am dead.”


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“Not nearly in the same ballpark as the rest of these, but my in-laws always just walk right in like they own the place. Drives me nuts.

A couple of years ago, I put some vinyl window tinting on the front door to keep the house cooler in the summer. I could see out the window, but no one could see in. I’d lock the door and enjoy the looks of confusion on their faces as they tried to open the door and couldn’t.”


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“A former friend stopped by my house and knocked loudly on the front door, and I didn’t answer. The BF and I were upstairs having a lovely romantic time. She tried the front door, then went to the unlocked side door and entered.

I came flying down the stairs, and she said, “I KNEW you were home!”

End of friendship.”


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“Uncle tried to fix our computer. (It wasn’t broken.) He then broke it. Did the same to our perfectly working dishwasher. Then he denied everything.”


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“I’d just bought a new home and invited a couple of out-of-town relatives for a weekend stay. One was a smoker, so I put him in the room with a walkout and set up a cozy smoking area just outside the door. The weather was nice. He instead kept smoking in the bathroom and stunk up the lower level so much I had to shampoo the carpet.”


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“I wasn’t home when this happened, but some family friend I’ve never met and their kid came over one afternoon. The kid gets bored and decides it’s a great idea to disassemble every LEGO build I’ve kept over the last ten years.

Almost everything was built from imagination, so there were no instructions to rebuild again. I was devastated when I got home seeing LEGO pieces spread across the entire floor of my room.”


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“While I was at work, my sister painted about a third of my living room in color she knew I’d rejected because she “knew you’d like it once it was up.” No, I didn’t.”


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“A family friend’s hell spawn 7-year-old spit in the hot fudge sundae pie that I had made at Thanksgiving.

Her excuse “Oh, he just doesn’t like cherries, and he saw the cherry on the top of the pie.”

Then she cheerfully went back to packing up tons of food from our Thanksgiving dinner to take home with her before most people were finished eating.”


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“Carved their name on the side of my desk. Let them sleep in my office. Didn’t find it til they’d gone.”


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“I was in college; I invited some friends to watch movies. We all ordered pizza, but it was taking time to deliver. A friend of mine was “Hangry” and screaming really loudly. I told her she was disturbing neighbors, but she was really out of control.

After a while, she kicked a table. That’s when I lost it and told her she needed to leave immediately. She left and the next day texted in the group chat and apologized.”


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“We were trying to help a friend out who was spending two weeks up in our town from his out-of-state home. We told him he could spend a few nights with us (meaning 2-3 days tops). He was visiting a bunch of friends and family, and he said they would each be hosting him as well.

By the end of day 2, he told us everyone backed out, and he wound up spending ten days with us. It was super uncomfortable (in our tiny 1BR apartment). After all that, he had the nerve to complain about my cat not liking him and other stupid things.

Also, he passive-aggressively made a stab at me, saying I’m “difficult” to be around (my house, my rules!). Suffice to say, after multiple arguments later, we are not on speaking terms because he can’t grasp that he is at fault for his actions towards us in our own home.”


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“Hired movers, one of the ladies showed up and asked to use the restroom, then proceeded to poop all over it like a gas station toilet. Didn’t wash her hands, which clearly had poop on them because she left it on the handles and light switch. My wife laid into her and kicked her out.”


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“I had a house party and had put my shy dog up in the bedroom to relax and be alone; no one was allowed upstairs, so she didn’t get stressed out.

A guest came upstairs uninvited and opened my bedroom door, and my dog peed on the bed. They then came downstairs and said, ‘Your stupid dog peed on your bed.’

I literally blew up on them and kicked them out. I haven’t forgiven them since either, nor have they apologized. It’s been about nine years, and I see them about once every other year.

Your band isn’t going to make it.”


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“I put a friend up who was freshly divorced and needed a place. She let my dog out the front door without a leash. My dog ran into the street and was run over by two cars (the second was tailgating the first). It was my birthday. I wrote a Haiku about it.

Divorce friend finds stay,

Doggy let loose on birthday,

Street steals joy away.”


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“My mom left Ativan in my toddler’s bedroom. Luckily, he brought it to me and asked me what it was. Since then, I’ve read that one pill can kill a child. I was so angry.”

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