The United States is a dream travel destination for many. But, to make it more fun, you must skip these cities. 

A user asked the forum, “What United States cities should foreigners skip during a road trip?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Sorry, Bakersfield, California, but you know it’s true.”


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“Hawaii is beautiful but hard to plan a road trip to.”


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“I’m from Detroit. I wouldn’t put it on a list for people wanting to visit the United States. It’s just not a place to go. It’s also not representative of Michigan. I do think Mackinac Island is a place worth going.”


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“Vegas. Going there is a lesson in how Americans vacation, not how they live.”


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“Honolulu. Not worth it to drive across the ocean; there’s nothing to see the whole way.”


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“Saint Louis, Missouri. As a native of the area, the only thing here is the Arch, and trust me, it’s not very interesting. Unless you like Budweiser or baseball a lot, there’s nothing else.”


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“Baltimore. You’ll either be robbed or shot.”


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“Houston. It’s nothing but roads everywhere.”


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“Gary, Indiana. Though I like Gary myself as an urban explorer. Gary is scary.”


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“Never go to Kalamazoo, Michigan. I worked at DoorDash for about six months in 2020; I’ve been everywhere in this dump. There’s nothing here. We have like one fancy hotel, that’s it.”


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“Needles, California. It’s what you think it is.”


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“Camden, New Jersey. They were the crime capital of the country at one point. Chicago passed it a few years ago, but they’re still up there!”


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“Stockton, California. I spent an overnight there one time and felt like I was going to get robbed on every street corner. I don’t know how the place is, but it felt sketchy.”


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“Fresno, California! It is just a huge construction project with very few redeeming qualities!”


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“Rapid City, South Dakota, don’t come here. It’s a tourist trap, and all the good chefs moved on, so most of the restaurants are bad.”


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“I hate to say this, but Atlanta. It’s just getting so, so bad. I used to live there and have since moved across the country, but the traffic, the people, the homeless population, the crime rate.”


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“Milwaukee. It has some beautiful areas and great food, but you’ll never see segregation to the level of Milwaukee. Also, not knowing the city well will likely put you in an area you don’t want to be in. Lock your car doors!”

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