In our pursuit of enjoyment, we sometimes neglect our bodies. Unhealthy habits and lifestyles have become commonplace, leading to more harm than good for our well-being. We must recognize this and make mindful choices about our actions and diet.

A user asked the forum, “What is really harmful to the body, but people continue to do it?”. Here are the common responses. 


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“Worrying too much. Stress, in general, is a killer.”


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“The sedentary lifestyle. Laying in bed in front of a laptop or sitting at a desk in front of a laptop.”


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“Tanning without sunscreen.”


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“Overeating junk food until they become obese.”


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“Drinking. I used to work in hospice, and trust me; alcoholism is not pretty.”


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“Dehydration. Most people do not drink enough water to sustain their body appropriately.”


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“Hot yoga or Pilates. Any workout in super hot temperatures is terrible for your body. I’m getting my Masters in exercise physiology and taking a class about extreme environment physiology, and after what I’ve learned, I’d never take one of those advertised ‘hot’ classes.”


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“Cocaine, besides the pulmonary damage that results in early death, you can always tell when someone’s upper palate begins to go because their speech changes. A lot of our favorite Hollywood stars are on this path or have already gone down the path. Carrie Fisher, for example, was nearly unintelligible when speaking in her older years. Jenna Ortega is headed there but gets by on her youth for now.”


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“Running. It’s a killer on the joints and almost guarantees joint pain later in life. There are other alternatives to achieve the same goal, though.”


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“Nail eating. It can cause severe things. Don’t do it, I beg you.”


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“Not. Eating. Fruits and vegetables. I am not an annoying vegan activist; I love meat and many animal-related products. But for god’s sake, most of what you eat should come from plants to be healthy. The less transformed it is, the better. 

Eat porridge and nuts in the morning, potatoes with your steak, salad as the entry dish, and quinoa to have a break from rice. Lentils, beans, and just grains, in general, taste awesome and fill you up quickly. 

Honestly, it’s not that hard. Especially if you’re a gym enthusiast, you’re even more concerned since you need food that provides water retention and various protein sources, just like the ones I quoted. 

Trade quick sugar like sweets, chocolate, and other industrial strategies with honey, seasonal fruits, melon, and one last thing: juices are sugar-filled and have zero fiber, so they belong to the trash unless you Do It Yourself (DIY) with a blender.”


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“Consuming sugar, white flour, and alcohol.”


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“Eating processed red meat. Harmful to the planet and harmful to the animals that died needlessly for it.”


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“Interesting, nobody has said it, but having children can age you, especially if you’re giving birth. Pregnancy can age your bones, cause hair loss, and other health issues.”


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“Inconsistent sleep, the typical ‘I’ll sleep in on the weekend’ wrecks people.”


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“Holding on to feelings for people who do not care for them and holding grudges.”

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