The latest innovations are not always useful or necessary. People who are aware of this refuse to buy the latest innovations.

A user asked the forum, “What product, no matter how innovative it is, do you refuse to buy?” Here are the common responses.


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“Smart Refrigerator. I need something that keeps my food cold. I don’t need it to show me advertisements or what foods I might be out of. I can look for myself.”


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“Anything with a paid subscription model should be paid and done.”


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“Celebrity alcohol. I don’t need some rich celebrity with more than enough money already slapping their name on alcohol for another income stream. I would rather buy better stuff from families and companies working hard for generations to perfect their craft.”


Man slaps himself on head
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“Slap Chop. No matter how convincing that guy is, I will not succumb to his tactics.”


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“Folding smartphones. They’re expensive as all get out, and I’ve seen many of them develop weird screen issues that are prohibitively expensive to repair just through normal use. I’ll stick to my slab phone.”


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“An electric can opener. I enjoy opening cans.”


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“Smart lights or other smart appliances. I have a friend who is obsessed with them. Everything in his house constantly texts him. Hell on earth.”


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“Cars with touch screens.”


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“Any shaving razor other than the old-fashioned two-edge safety razors. Innovation on shaving razors after that is a pure money-grabbing marketing tactic.”


a phone with amazon on it

“Amazon listening devices, no thank you. Bad enough having phone tracking and listening.”


brew coffee
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“Keurig. Worst, watered-down coffee.”


work 1
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“Tablets. It’s not just that they are worse at being smartphones than smartphones and much worse at being computers than computers; they aren’t even really better at being computers than smartphones.”


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“Smart toasters. I just don’t get paid the premium for toasted bread.”


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“Laundry detergent pods. I prefer to adjust my usage to the dirt and stain level.

More for, for instance, outdoor clothing, particularly gardening, and less for sleepwear.”


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“Automated house systems. No, thank you, I’ll use the light switch.”


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“Self-driving car. I would get a brain chip before a self-driving car. So if I’m in a car wreck, it’s either my or some jack’s fault or the brain chip causing hallucinations.”


Tired boy in rubber gloves don't want to wash the floor in the kitchen. Child's home duties
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“Dishwasher. I love washing dishes. It’s my ‘meditating’ moment in the morning/night.”


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“An Apple Watch. But that’s not even worth being able to find your phone. I’m thankful I can find my headphones using the Find My app, but I can’t find my phone using my headphones. Besides that, it isn’t very worthy.”


old veteran car
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“American domestic cars. General Motors should have been allowed to fail.”


2. disgust and bad taste
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“Air fryer. It’s pure hipster garbage.”


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“An indoor camera; I don’t live in a bank.”


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“Video game player. We were always locked out of the house, so we had to entertain ourselves outside.”

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