Have you ever fantasized about a life where your yearly salary exceeds $200,000? While it may seem like a pipe dream, it’s closer to reality than you might think.

In today’s economy, various professions offer generous compensation packages, allowing you to live comfortably and pursue your financial goals.


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Commercial pilots operate airplanes and helicopters, carrying passengers and cargo for airlines, private companies, or individuals. According to BLS, commercial pilots earn over $99,640 per year. 

A user said, “Together we make well over $200k. I’m a Captain at a major U.S. airline, and wife is a First Officer at the same company.”


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Woodworkers transform lumber into beautiful and functional objects, breathing life and purpose into raw materials. When clubbed with networking, they can easily make over $200k a year.

A user says, “I have relationships with high-end interior designers in NYC but don’t live there. My work appears regularly in magazines and galleries.”


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Construction project managers play a pivotal role in bringing architectural visions to life. Their responsibilities are vast, demanding expertise in planning, budgeting, execution, and leadership.

A user says, “It’s a hybrid sales, estimating, and project management role. That’s the only reason I can make that much in my area without travel. There are not many people that can effectively do all three.”

That means taking on more than one role and commanding $200k a year or more.


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The Christmas lights and tree industry is a significant economic force, generating billions of dollars annually. According to Market Data Forecast, Christmas Lights and Decorations Market size is valued at USD 7.80 Billion in the year 2023, and it is expected to reach USD 9.66 Billion in 2028

A user says, “I own a Christmas lights company that also does tree care. Service-based companies like landscaping, cleaning, and window washing make great money. All you need is a little grit and some time, and in a few years, you can be making perfect money only working part-time.”


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While not every lawyer enjoys a multi-million dollar salary, the legal profession offers considerable earning potential for those who climb the ladder. On average, your salary can be as much as $ 127,000 a year. 

A user says, “I’m an attorney at a big, international firm. I make $300k/yr base.”


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The wedding industry is a massive global market, generating hundreds of billions annually. If you have skills in embroidering, you can make wedding gifts and sell them yearly for huge profits.

A user says, “I embroider on handkerchiefs for wedding gifts. Hit $200k in 2017 and maintained. During COVID, I could pivot to personalized masks and hit $300k.”


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In an increasingly digital world, the demand for skilled professionals to protect sensitive information has skyrocketed, making cybersecurity one of the highest-paid industries, offering lucrative salaries and promising career growth.

A user says, “My spouse is in information security and teaches at some universities, making over $300k .”


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While owning a law firm can be lucrative, it’s not for the faint of heart. However, as the firm grows, so does its potential profit, allowing for expansion and increased earning potential.

A user says, “I own a law firm in Charlotte, NC—one partner and myself, and four other lawyers and one firm administrator. We handle business law (M&A, new business start-ups, contract drafting, IP protection) and high-stakes litigation. We’re all remote and keep costs in check to maximize profits.”


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Travel nurses are registered nurses who accept temporary assignments in different locations, often filling staffing gaps in hospitals and healthcare facilities. This flexibility and willingness to relocate come with additional benefits, leading to higher pay

Even if not a travel nurse, a registered nurse also makes a lot of money—a user shares, “I’m a registered nurse in an LCOL state. I work at a hospital with unlimited OT. Will gross $225K+ this year.”


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The roofing industry presents lucrative opportunities for both business owners and skilled workers. 

A user says, “I own a roofing company in Denver. I’ve been in the industry for ten years (with no prior background in construction) and was making 200k+ as a sales rep/project manager for multiple years before starting my company. 100% commission sales is the best way to make money without a degree. I have one PM on my team this year, making over 400k and multiple more in the 200k+ range.”


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They identify new opportunities, develop solutions to customer needs, and bring innovative products to market, contributing significantly to a company’s competitive edge. That is why they are paid higher than others. 

A user says, “Product manager in a big technology company, I earn approx. 400-450k, depending on stock. I’m 32F. My first job was $40k.”


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Full body waxing requires specialized skills and knowledge to perform the procedure safely and effectively in sensitive areas. Developing this expertise takes time and training, making skilled waxers valuable assets to salons and spas.

A user says, “I make 220k+. (I specialize in Brazilians) I work four days a week. Around 35 hours a week. I take at least one vacation a month. I love my job and my freedom. I try to talk people into joining the beauty field all the time. You need to go to school for 5 to 10 months, depending on the program you are going for.”


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UI/UX designers play a vital role in creating user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that enhance user experience. If UI/UX is bad, a good product fails.

A user says, “Consultant for UX and UI design, specializing in fintech. (I was Director level before I switched to consulting).”

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