While traveling, you get exposed to various cultures and eating habits. Some are pure treats to the taste buds, while some are really weird. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What is the weirdest food you have tried during your travels?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Grasshoppers in Mexico with guacamole and by themselves. They were good, kind of nutty. The legs can get caught in the teeth and that was odd. I’d for sure eat them again when I’m down there.”, said one user.


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“Owamni in Minneapolis/St Paul serves crickets in a salad. Amazing place, all food is based on the diets of indigenous people.”, said one user.


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“Balut , fertilized duck egg. I didn’t travel for it though, my coworkers wife is from Cambodia and he always had unusual foods and I am adventurous with food. I also had fried silkworms that were quite delicious.

The egg wasn’t bad either I put some lime juice and fish sauce salt and pepper on it. The yellow part is kinda grainy but overall not too bad.”, said one user.

“Had balut in the Philippines. Don’t intend to have it again. Bird embryos are not my thing. Almost vomited on the streets.”, said one user.


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“Chicken beaks in Afghanistan. The beaks were boiled so long that they became soft and chewy.”, said one user.


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“A lot of people go with the gross or shock factor, and here I am thinking about that cod popsicle I had in Tallinn. Weird, but good.”, said one user.


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“Stir fried silkworm larva in Vietnam.”, said one user.

“I had these in Korea. Never again!”, said another user.


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“Then there was the time I tried ‘hákarl’ when visiting Iceland. It’s basically a fermented shark. And when I say fermented, I mean buried underground and left to rot for several months.

If you’ve ever wondered what eating a mix between a gym sock and ammonia tastes like, this one’s for you.”, said one user.


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“Rattlesnake and century eggs. If I could go back in time and remove that century egg from my plate I would, I’d rather lick a Manhattan gutter.”, said one user.


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“I didn’t eat it, but I saw roasted dogs on spits in Korea (in the 90’s). Not something that I wanted to try”, said one user.


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“I once tried this thing called ‘casu martzu.’ It’s an Italian cheese, but not your everyday mozzarella or parm.

Nope, this one’s filled with live insect larvae. And let me tell ya, nothing wakes up your palate quite like cheese that fights back when you bite into it.”, said one user.

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